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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A New Beginning 新的開始

A New Beginning

December 12, 2012

Bangalore, India

When an individual does meditation, it is called Tapasya (focused effort leading towards bodily purification and spiritual enlightenment). But when everyone joins together from all over the world and does meditation it is called a Yagna and it is even more special because we create a field of sattva and a field of harmony which is most needed in the world today.

So, this is very beautiful and very sacred for a new beginning.

What we should remember is that, we are ancient and yet we are new.
Look at the sun, it is old, isn't it?! Yet it is so fresh today! The rays are so fresh, the air is so fresh, the trees are fresh - old tree fresh leaves! So, you are also - FRESH! This is how you should live - I am ancient and new; ageless and timeless!
So feel very fresh and new, and you will see how the complaints and regrets simply evaporate. Acceptance dawns from within, dynamism dawns in life and harmony at every level starts happening.

In life you need three things, Compassion, Passion and Dispassion.
When you are miserable, be dispassionate. When you are happy, be passionate. You should have some passion in life. And passion to do service is the most wonderful thing that one should aspire for.
So, be passionate to serve when you are happy. Have dispassion when you are miserable, and be compassionate all the time!

Q: Gurudev, how can we make utterly materialistic people realize the importance and urgency of meditation in today's gloomy economic situation?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Here, memory of the past will help you.
See in the past, after World War II or before that, the world was in such a big crisis. There was very little food and people had limited resources because everything was destroyed, but then people did survive.
We have seen worse periods on this planet. Before independence, in India, there have been so many crisis. We have undergone so many types of crisis - There was drought, floods, famine and a big plague. But people have survived all those hard times as well.
It is not any harder than what it was in the past centuries, so, don’t worry, we have survived those tough times.
Now is when we need to encourage more human values. We need to be of help to each other, share with each other and live together. We need to have good communication with people around us. This human touch is what will give us strength to overcome the crisis.
When you know there are a bunch of people who are behind you, who are supporting you, why would you be afraid of anything?
If you have faith in the consciousness, in the Divinity, it is bound to take care of you, why would you be gloomy?
So, you should make every crisis into an opportunity to turn towards the Divinity, turn towards humanity and turn towards the inner light.

Q: Dear Gurudev in every situation, how to remain ever new and eternal? For example when we meet people, our impression from our previous associations linger in the mind.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yeah of course, that is why I say you are both ancient and new. You are new that doesn't mean that you don't remember somebody's name. Every time you meet someone, you don't ask them, ‘What is your name again?’
Being ever new does not mean amnesia, where you forget everything, no! The depth of memory will certainly be there, but with the memory there will be a freshness. There is an essence of a renewed spirit.
It is difficult to explain but that's what it is. So, don't think that a new beginning or living in the moment means amnesia, okay!


Q: Dear Gurudev, does meditation improve IQ? If yes, how can meditation improve intelligence?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Meditation brings the most needed rest to the brain; to the mind. Rest and silence is the mother of all creativity and intelligence. That is how it improves intelligence.

Q: It is said that, we can live our entire lives as meditation. How is this possible? How can my life become a meditation?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Every moment is a new beginning.
You wake up and say, 'This is a new beginning!' That is it!
There is no 'How', that is how it is. Just let go!

Q: Gurudev, please tell us how Vedic knowledge can benefit the whole world.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is obvious that it is benefiting – Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Ayurveda, all this is Vedic knowledge.
itself means knowledge; ancient and new. There is some value in the ancient knowledge and there is some value in the new knowledge. They go together bringing the much needed change in society today.

Q: Why does religion separate and divide people when it is supposed to bring people closer to God.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: When ego enters there, that is when the conflict in religion begins. A religion is great because it is ‘My’ religion, not because of what it is.
It is 'My religion’ so it is great. It is the 'Me'; the ego which is the cause of conflict, and not really the religion; But we take religion as a pretext; as ones identity to create so many conflicts in the world, isn't it?
If religion is used only for the purpose of one's connection with God and not for political reasons then religion become spirituality.

Q: Gurudev, what can I rely on that can never be shaken?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The Self. Why you want to rely on anything? Just relax!
Relax and you will find that everything is falling in the right place.
Anything that bothers you, just drop it here. Send it to me. I am with you, yes!

Q: I worry too much about failure, especially when I am doing something important. It decreases my efficiency. How to overcome this?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: A new beginning.
That was the past – drop it. Have faith that there are many more new things to come into your life.
One thing that you should know is that you don't know yourself. When you look at what you did in the past or your weaknesses, the first step to gain confidence is to know that you don't know yourself.
When you think that you know yourself, only then do you attached yourself with all these negative events and qualities. But when you wake up and see that, ‘Hey, I don’t know myself’, then it is a new beginning.
Then you will discover that there are so many strengths within you that you were not aware of.

Q: How can I love with freedom, without any expectations and restrictions?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You want security in love and at the same time you are scared of commitment. So you have many emotions all rolled-up into one thing, and this is called confusion.
When there is confusion in love, I would say meditate more and just relax. Things will fall into place.

Q: Gurudev what is between New and Ancient?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Myself.

我們需要記得的就是:我們是古老卻也是嶄新的。看看那太陽,它是古老的對嗎?但是它今天是那麼的清新。光線也是清新的,空氣也是清新的,樹木也是清 新的——一棵很老的樹木但是葉子是清新的!你也是一樣——清新!這就是你活著的方式:我是古老和嶄新的;永恆不朽的!去感覺嶄新和清新,你會看到那些埋怨 和後悔輕易的就被瓦解了。從內在去接受每一個生命階段裡有活力和和諧的黎明。


古儒吉:你過去的記憶 可以幫助到你。去看看過去,第二世界大戰後,或在那之前,世界處在極大的危機裡。那個時候的食物有限,資源也是有限,因為一切都被摧毀了,但是人類還是生 存 下來了。我們看過在這個星球上更槽糕的情況。在獨立之前,印度有很多的危機。我們經歷了很多不同的危機——有乾旱,水災,飢荒和大瘟疫。但是人類還是度過 了這些困難的時候。沒有什麼會比前幾個世紀更苦難的了,所以不要擔心,我們都已經度過了那些苦難的日子。現在是我們需要鼓勵更多人類價值的時候。我們需要 彼此協助,彼此分享和共處。我們和周圍的人都需要有很好的溝通。這些人情味會給我們度過難關的力量。當你知道你的背後有一群人在支持你,你還有什麼好害怕 的嗎?如果你對你的意識和神性有信心,這個信念會照顧你,所以你為什麼要憂慮呢?你應當把任何的危機當成是讓我們邁向神性,邁向人性,邁向內在光芒的機 會。

古儒吉:那是當然的,所以我說古老和嶄新這兩樣。你是嶄新的,這不代表你不記得別人的名字。每當你見到一個人你不要每一次去問他『你叫什麼 名字來著?』嶄新的意思不是健忘,不是你什麼都忘記了。不是這樣的!記憶的深度是肯定還會有在的。但是這些記憶都會刷新。那是靈魂的更新。這個很難解釋但 是它就是這樣子。 所以不要以為新的開始或是活在當下就是健忘。




古儒吉:當小我插入宗教的時候,宗教衝突就會發生。一個宗教會偉大就是因為那是『我的』宗教,不是因為它本來實況。因為那是『我的宗教』, 才使得它偉大。就是那個『我』,那個小我造成了衝突,而不是宗教本身。但是我們把宗教當成擋箭牌;用這個名稱去製造世界上的很多紛爭,對嗎?如果我們只是 用宗教來和神連接,而不是用在政治上,那麼宗教就屬靈性的。


古儒吉:一個嶄新的開始。那些都是已經過去的了——放下它。要相信還有更多新的事情會來到你的生命裡。有一樣事情是你應該知道的,就 是——你不知道你自己。當你看著你過去所做的或是你的弱點,第一個步驟就是要有信心並相信你並不知道你自己。當你覺得你知道你自己的時候,你就會把這些負 面的事件和素質附加在自己身上。但是如果你甦醒過來並去看到『嘿,我不知道我自己』,那就是嶄新的開始。你就會發現你的內在有許多的力量是你從來都不知道 的。


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