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Friday, December 28, 2012

Being Friendly with everybody, is a sign of success 對每一個人都友善是成功的象徵

Being Friendly with everybody, is a sign of success

You want to hear some talk now? What topic you want me to speak? Love, Tell me, what other topic you want? Love, happiness, peace, God.. That’s all? Do you think I can talk about all these topics in next one hour? What if I know nothing about any of these topics. what will you do?

Does it really matter on what topic we are going to speak tonight? Tell me sincerely. Does it really matter? A woman from the audience: [We just want to hear you!] Topic does not matter at all.

You know we convey more through our presence. What we say in words is not that important. Do you know? Sometimes mother tells the kids, “Get lost”. she doesn’t really mean it. And the air hostess greets you and say, “Have a nice day”, they don’t mean it either. Isn’t it so?

There is another level of communication that we all have, that we have not paid much attention to. We convey through our presence, through our whole body, our whole being of vibrations. When there is a connection from that level of our being, the words do not matter.

Are you all here? Yes (from the crowd) One hundred percent. “yes” As I am speaking, do you notice that your mind is having a dialogue also? You are agreeing with me or disagreeing with me? Your mind is saying, “yes, yes, what he is saying is sense…yes I understand, I think it is right. and then, No how could that be, I don’t agree.” There is a dialogue going on. How many of you are here? may be about 375. 375 of us, have 375 dialogues at the same time. If there is a voice monitor, it would go bizarre!
It’s not just the noise here, but all the noise of the world present over here. Every possible TV station has its waves coming and making its presence right here. Do you see what I am saying?

uk Civic reception City chamber Edinburg Being friendly with everybody, is a sign of success
There is so much more to life that we don’t know. What we think is life and what we think we know, is only this much, a little bit of what the wholeness is. The scientist is astonished, the more he knows, the more unknown expands. The ancient sage once said, “Sanskrit words here, not clear!”, it means that even if you know one particle thoroughly, you will be enlightened, freedom comes to you.

There are three things to know, One, to know about GOD, second, to know about your Self, or know about a substance. Material approach and scientific approach know about a substance thoroughly. Or go into self enquiry, ask yourself who you are, what are you? How long have you been on this planet? 50yrs, 60yrs? Before that, where were you? Ask this question. Remember your age.. As I am talking, Remember your age. how old are you? You are 40, 50, 60. Where were you before that? And where will you be after another 30/40years? Are you going to be here forever?

We all have come with return ticket. Nobody has come with one way ticket. Anybody thinks that way? Anybody has plans to stay here for another thousand years? 200 years? No chance! Listen to what I’m saying? Next 30, 40yrs, where will you be? Who are you? Where will you be? Where are all those people who were here few years back. They are no more now. Where are they? Where did they come from, where did they go. Who am I? These enquiries about what is so obvious, is the knowledge about the self.

And the third one is the devotion to the unknown, the unseen, GOD. What you call GOD. Do you know what GOD means? G- Generator, O- Operator, D- Destroyer. G-O-D. That which is the basis of all creation which you don’t know about, but you feel that there is a power, that is GOD and try to know about it. There are three ways, either know about the matter, know about the Self or know the GOD. If you know anyone of this, you will reach the same point where you will know everything. All will come together. Don’t think GOD is a person sitting in the heaven trying to give you a finger, and when you try to go to Him, He goes farther away. He is there getting angry at you, trying to punish you. Forget about it all. GOD is LOVE, and Love is what you are made up of.

Today the problem in the world is all because of Love. If there is no Love there will be no problem also. You love money too much and you become greedy, You love power too much and you become power hungry. isn’t it so? You love someone too much and you become too possessive about that person. When you are possessive, then you become jealous. Love is the mother of jealousy. Love is the mother of greed. Love is the mother of fear. Love is the mother of hatred too. You cannot hate someone whom you do not love. Hatred is simply, love upside down. Fear is simply, love upside down. Are you with me? Are you all with me? [Yessssssss!] There in the back? [Yesssss!] Attentive? [Yesssss!]

If you are afraid of something, think that you have equal capacity to love also. When there is love, there is no fear. When there is fear, love goes into the background. Simply wake up and see, the whole creation loves you. The earth loves you dearly. You are held tight by the earth. Gravitational force of the earth is its love for you. Earth loves you, Air loves you, breath moves in and out of you, even when you are sleeping. If air stops loving, you cannot live. In Every atom in your body there is love, they all are together. The day they stop loving, you will disintegrate, all the atoms will move apart. The binding force of creation is Love, and you are made up of love. Everyone is seeking love, yet there is so much problem in the world, why? Because love gets distorted without knowledge, without wisdom. Isn’t that so?
IMG 5168 1024x682 Being friendly with everybody, is a sign of success
See, in a relationship if you are there to give love, rather than demand love from the other person, then you will feel better. If in a relationship you keep on demanding love, the relationship becomes sour, the love turns to hatred. Isn’t that so?
Who are you? We need to ask this ourselves. who am I? Who am I? Ask again and again, till you come to the state when you have such a smile on your face that nobody can take it away. See our smile is so fragile, just a phone call from somebody, and that’s it, you are put off. But you get into a mood, isn’t that so? We need to make our smile so strong. Everyone seems to be very serious. [laughter]

Do you know the fact that, a baby smiles 400 times a day? an adolescent smiles only 70 times a day and an adult doesn’t smile at all. That too if he gets a promotion or becomes an officer or little richer. He thinks if he smiles at somebody, they will ask something from him. If they smile at someone they might ask for some favour. So scared and fearful in life. Such life is not worth living. Sign of success is fearlessness, you know.

Being friendly with everybody, is a sign of success. Smiling is a sign of success. Not just having a big bank balance. What will you do? You spend half your health to gain wealth, and half your wealth to gain back the health. And then you keep all the money in the bank and when you kick the bucket, your children and other people will fight over what you have left behind. Life is much more than this. As long as we are alive, we should live life intensely. with joy, with enthusiasm, because life is enthusiasm. What do you say? There doesn’t seem to be any enthusiasm.

Relationship will be fruitful if they are focused on service. If husband and wife are focused on service, and not focusing on each other all the time, not policing each other all the time, then the relationship will be more successful.

Even just talking sometimes creates a lot of problem. You have some misunderstanding and you say, let’s talk it out. You sit and try to talk, and then the talking makes it more complicated, and worse, nothing gets solved. Haven’t you got that experience? Every time you try to clarify something, the doubt deepens more. Mistrust happens more. In life you should move. Life is like a river, flowing. River, takes whatever comes along. Life should be like that. Sometimes pleasant things happen, sometimes unpleasant things happen. Just flush them out and move ahead. Pleasant moments, unpleasant moments, some pleasant events, and events that you don’t like, why hang on to them? Suppose you are given 10 compliments and one insult, what will you hold? What would you grab and treasure and value most? That one insult you grab and hold it as a treasure. I am not going to forget this! You said that thing to me. I am not going to forget this! I will never forget!
You do not forget, but keep boiling the insult inside. Who is getting affected, you know? We take such vows, such promises to hold on to the negatives. Yoga is something that sets the clock back, that turns the wheel around, from holding on to the negative, you move on to the positive.

Watch the children, they cry and the next minute they start laughing. 10 kids are fighting, you think they are fighting and you try to separate them, they will cry and want to stay together and play. But as adults if you have an argument with somebody, you will not see their face may be for many months or even years? You try to stay with it. But kids are not like that. They hold on to the positive. Become like children again in life. Can you? You know, today make this resolution. Today, come what may, I am going to be like a kid! I am going to be like a child again. What are you in this whole universe. You are nothing! Billions of years have passed, billions of people have come on the planet, they have lived and died and gone, and yet we think we are somebody! Who are you? Wake up and ask this question. Who am I? What is my life in the context of this whole creation. Not even a speek of dust! This awareness will make us lively, lighter and more beautiful! Can’t we become like that? [Yessss!]

See your life with the context of the creation, in the context of the universe. Your whole vision changes. All these small difficulties if you see.. will no longer touch you. They will come… they will just come and go!

The same thing is true in relationship, we must remember, never hurt a man’s ego and never hurt a woman’s emotions! Don’t play with her emotions and don’t play with his ego. A man can take up any ego beating from anybody, but not from his own wife. This is just my analysis, I have no experience in this! If it is wrong, you should tell me!

You know, if a wife starts telling the husband, ‘you are useless, you are stupid, you are good for nothing, you do that, you look at that person.. that man is better, you are not doing anything.’ Then, he can’t stand that. So even if the whole world says that he is stupid, the wife should say that he is a real wise man! Man expects upliftment from his woman, his wife. Wife should always encourage the man. Even in the worst condition.. when his heart is broken, when he feels down, he feels depressed, the wife can uplift him.

And same with the man. You know, the wife can come and complain about her brother, mother, father or anybody to him, but he should not complain about her in-laws. He is into trouble! The moment he says “yes”, your brother, or mother, or father did this thing to me she will become defensive. She will get hurt. She has to defend her family her parent’s house. She will always be emotionally attached to her parents and she will defend them. So men should not point any mistake on his own in-laws. Then things will be less rough! You know. it happens in life!

But see life in a broader perspective, a bigger vision. The aim of The Art of Living is to make your life a celebration! It gives you such an inner strength, that nobody can take that smile away from you. Do you all want such a strength? [Yesss !]
Have I covered all your topics? What I have not covered? .[Devotion]

Devotion is what you are, your simplest state. The simplest form of love, when you feel totally at home, is called Devotion.And yoga. You know every child is a yogi. Every baby has done all yoga asanas, exercise and everything. Have you noticed when a baby is born, it comes with this mudra, it is called Adi mudra. And it sleeps with Chin mai mudra. If you observe a child from the time its born to the age of 3, it has done all yoga postures, breathing exercises, everything. So you all have done this.
Yoga at berlin World Cultural Festival 2011 1024x681 Being friendly with everybody, is a sign of success
If you observe the nature, the nature and animals teach you a lot. All the animals in the creation sleep on their tummy. No animal sleeps on its back. Is there any animal that sleeps on its back? [From audience: My dog sleeps on its back.] Dog? They just go on their back and sometime roll, but they sleep on their tummy, if you notice. You know, if they have eaten something wrong, if they are not comfortable, then they go on their back, then they move on their back. But normally all the animals sleep on their tummy. When the child is born, it naturally sleeps on its tummy. Isn’t it? Mother turns the child and the Dad comes and again turns it around So its good to sleep on the belly. And the child does all the yoga postures. See even if a child is on its back, it lifts its leg up, and the neck is up, it is not in the ground, and it does the noukasana. Then it goes on the tummy and with the hands it does the Bhujangasana. It then does the side twist [Guruji gives the description with posture.] And all other yoga exercises. Everyone of us have done it when we were children.
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
(A talk given at Victoria University)



還有另外一個層次是我們每個人都有的,但是我們並不重視它。我們透過我們的存在,透過整個身體,透過我們整個存在的震波來傳達。如果在那個層次有所連接, 那麼語言就不重要了。你們都還在嗎?【觀眾說『在』】一百巴仙嗎?『是的』。當我在說話的時候,你有發現到你的心智也在對話嗎?你在同意或是不同意我所說 的?你的心智在說『是的,是的,他所說的都對。。。是的我明白了,我覺得那是對的。』或是『不,這怎麼可能,我不同意這點。』那裡也有一個對談在進行著。 你們有多少人在這裡?可能375個。375個人,有375個對談同時在進行著。如果有個語音顯示器,它會變得異常。在這裡不只是聲音而已,而是全世界的存 在都在這裡。每一個可能收到的電視台頻道的波率都存在。你知道我在說什麼嗎?




第三,對那不知名的,對那看不到的——神,對祂的奉獻。你所稱的神是什麼?你知道神(GOD)的意思是什麼嗎?G- Generator(生產者), O- Operator(操作者), D- Destroyer (摧毀者),形成GOD(神)。這是你所不知道的一切萬物的根本,但是你可以感覺到有一股力量並想要去了解祂,那就是神。有三個方法,去了解事情,或是本 我,或是神。如果你認清了其中的一項,你就會到達同一個點,在這裡你會知道一切。一切都會一起到來。不要以為神是一個坐在天堂裡試著給你援手的人,而當你 要去找他的時候,祂會離你越遠。或是祂在對你生氣,試著懲罰你。把這些都忘掉。神就是愛,而愛就是你的實質。



你知道事實上,一個嬰孩一天笑400下嗎?而一個成年人就難得一笑了。他會笑,也是因為被升級了,或是有多一些錢。他會覺得如果你對別人微笑的話,別人會 跟他要東西。又或者是如果他對他們微笑的話,他們會要他幫忙。在生命裡變成那麼多害怕和恐懼。這樣的生命是不值得的。你知道嗎,成功的象徵是沒有恐懼。




看 看小孩子,前一分鐘他們在哭泣,下一分鐘他們就開始開懷大笑了。十個孩子在打架,你以為他們在打架所以你要把他們分開,他們會開始哭泣因為他們還是要在一 起,要在一起玩耍。但是如果大人和某個人吵架的時候,你會好幾個月或是好幾年都不要再看到他們的臉。你會緊抓住這個。而小孩子卻不是這樣。他們是抓住正面 的。在生命裡變回和孩子一樣可以嗎?今天就開始做這樣的一個轉變:今天,讓該來的都來,而我會像個孩子一樣!我會再次和孩子一樣。在這宇宙間你是什麼?你 什麼都不是!幾十億年過去了,幾十億個人來到這個星球,他們在這裡住過,而他們也死去了,離開了。而我們卻以為我們是某某人!你是誰?醒來問問自己這個問 題。我是誰?在整個創作之下,我是什麼?連一顆灰塵都不是!這個醒覺讓我們活起來,變得更輕雲,變得更美麗!我們能不能成為這樣?【聽眾:可以!】


男人也是一樣,當你的太太來投訴她的哥哥,母親,父親或任何人的時候,身為先生的是不可以加上一句投訴他們的話。他會讓自己陷入困境的。當他說『是的,你 的哥哥,或母親,或父親對我做了這種事情』的時候,她會開始升起防禦性。她會受傷。她會捍衛她的家人,她的父母的家。她是時時刻刻都在精神上和她的父母連 結的,而她也會捍衛他們。所以男人不可以指出任何她的家人的錯誤。事情會簡單些。你知道的,這些都是人生裡會發生的事情。


你就是虔誠,一個最基礎的狀態。最基本的愛的模式,當你完全覺得回到家裡的時候,這就是虔誠。而瑜伽,你知道嗎,每個孩子都是瑜伽者,所有的孩子都做過所 有瑜伽的體式,運動和一切。你有發現孩子出世的時候,他是帶著這個手印嗎?這是阿締手印。而睡覺的時候就用欽手印。如果你從他出生到三歲之間觀察他,你會 發現他都做過所有的瑜伽體式,呼吸練習,所有一切。所以這些你們也都做過了。 

如果你去觀察大自然,大自然和動物會教你很多事情。很多的動物都是趴睡在自己的肚皮上的。沒有動物是躺在背後睡的。有 沒有動物是平躺著背後睡的?【觀眾席有人說:我的狗是躺在它背後睡的。】狗?它們只是偶爾翻轉到它們的背後,如果你有注意到的話,它們還是睡在它們的肚皮 上。如果它們吃錯東西,它們不舒服時,它們就會在背後翻轉。但是平時它們還是會趴著睡的。當孩子出世的時候,他也是自然而然的趴著睡,對嗎?而爸爸媽媽會 把他翻轉過來讓他躺在背上。趴著睡是好的。而孩子也做了所有的瑜伽體式。你看如果孩子躺在他的背後的話,他也是會把手,腳和頸項抬起來的,這就是船式。而 當他躺在肚皮上的時候,他會把手伸直,這就是眼鏡蛇式。然後他還有側邊扭轉和其它的瑜伽運動。我們所有人都在還小的時候做過這些了。

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