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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dealing with blame and accusation 面對責備和指責

Dealing with blame and accusation

When someone blames you, you feel a heavy load on your head, and when you talk about it you spread the unpleasant feeling all around you. At this moment wake up and see you are Being and nothing can touch you. This is all just a drama, which you yourself have created. You have gone through this over and over again. All the blames you face in your life are your own creation. Knowing this, you feel free and light.

Owning responsibility for all your experiences in life makes you powerful and will put an end to grumbling, planning counter attacks, explanations, and all those host of negative tendencies. Owning full responsibility you become free.

When someone blames you, directly or indirectly, what do you do?
  • Do you register it in your mind and get emotionally upset?
  • Do you dismiss them altogether without taking a lesson from it?
  • Do you talk about it with people and waste your time and other? time and money?
  • Do you pity yourself and blame your shortcomings?
  • Do you blame the other person right, left and center?
  • Do you generalize and eternalize the problem?

Then you are not living up to the knowledge. You need to do the basic course at least half a dozen times and read all the previous Knowledge Sheets.
  • Do you laugh at it and not even take notice of it?
  • Do you treat it as a non-event, not even worth talking about, let alone taking any action?
  • Do you treat comments and accusations as passing clouds and more of an entertainment?
  • Do you discourage dwelling on unpleasant and negative moments?
  • Do you remain non-judgmental and absolutely unshaken in your space of love?
  • Outwardly you may be calm, but do you also remain centered and calm within you and not even take pride in your growth or wisdom?

Then you are a pride to your tutor - the Master.

You cannot take credit for loving Guruji or any wise person, as you have no choice at all as it will happen against all odds!
  • To love someone whom you like is not a big deal at all.
  • To love someone because they love you, you get zero marks.
  • To love someone whom you do not like, you have learned a lesson in life.
  • To love someone who blames you for no reason, you have learned the art of living.




  • 你是否把它牢牢的記在腦海裡然後開始情緒化起來?
  • 你是否把它們通通都打發走,也沒從中吸取任何教訓?
  • 你是否到處去和別人說,浪費自己和別人的時間?浪費時間和金錢?
  • 你是否自憐自哀,然後開始責備自己的短處?
  • 你是否上下左右的去責備對方?
  • 你是否把問題統統歸納起來並讓它聲聲不息?
  • 你是否只是笑著去面對,或許你根本都沒有發現有人在責備你?
  • 你是否不把它當成一回事,也不值得一提,更別說要去採取任何行動
  • 你是否把指責和批評當成是天上飄過的雲朵,或是把它當成娛性節目
  • 你是否阻止去停留在不愉快和消極的時刻?
  • 你是否保持不去判斷並絕對的保持處在愛的空間裡。
  • 在外在,你可能保持平靜;但是內在裡你是否保持中心,平靜,甚至也不為了你的成長和智慧感到驕傲?

  • 去愛一個你喜歡的人,這是沒什麼的。
  • 去愛一個他愛你的人,你只會得到零分。
  • 去愛一個你不喜歡的人,你會在生命裡吸取個教訓。
  • 去愛一個無緣無故責備你的人,你就已經學會了生活的藝術。

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