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Monday, December 24, 2012

God is your child 神是你的小孩

Junxiang Su 22 December 21:03

God is your child. He/She clings onto to you like a baby till you grow old and die. God keeps crying for nourishment. God clings onto the devotee. He/She needs you to nourish Him/Her in the world. Sadhana, Satsang and Seva are the nourishment. You always think of God as a father. Then you want to demand and take from God. But when you see God as a child, you have no demands. - Sri Sri
神不断哭着要滋养品。神依赖虔信者,他需要你在这个世界上滋养他。灵修、唱场与服务都是滋养品。你一直以为神像个父亲,你因此向神不断要求。不过当你把神视作一个小孩,你对他将无所要求。 -古儒吉

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