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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Wish 新年願望

New Year Wish

Q: Guruji, What should be our prayer for the new year?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: In the New Year, wish for happiness in which you can serve and share so that it grows and if any trouble or misery comes, they come, like day and night, they are part of the world, ask for the strength to be centered. Willingness to serve when joy arises should be the wish. Not that the whole year everything should be rosy, that does not really happen that way. Most of the days will be one way or another. So with this prayer or wish, you will see the days of trouble will be very few, if at all, and they will only bring about the skills from within you, make you more skillful, strong and beautiful. That's the practical way. So the New Year, learn from the previous year and move on to the New Year knowing you are timeless and those moments of meditation that you experience that timelessness. That is when the events don’t touch you, emotions don’t shake you, thoughts don’t disturb you, nothing whatsoever throws you off balance. In that serene space that you are, repose! Then neither pleasure nor pain touches you. You go beyond the duality.

More satsang and seva is the way to reduce misery. Satsang and seva. We are so fortunate. We have this opportunity to even think, discuss knowledge and have an experience of that inner space. Imagine those billions of people who never know how to close their eyes and be peaceful, to take a dip in that inner serenity even for a moment! For us it is so natural to be happy and peaceful. For those who do not know how to be peaceful, it like those insomnia patients who are so restless and tired, so tired and exhausted with everything around them but so restless they don't know how to rest or sleep! Can you imagine that sort of situation? That's where your intervention is so precious, so much is needed. Many times you don't have to talk much. Just you being around people who are not so peaceful brings them that wave of peace, that relief that they are looking for!



也讓快樂從服務和分享中成長。如果有問題和痛苦出現,就讓它來吧,就像白天和黑夜的到來,它們是世界的一部分,去祈求讓可以自己處在中心的力量。你的願望應該是當歡樂升起時,你要願意去服務。而不是期待一整年都過的很順利美滿,事情不會完全是這樣的。 大多數的日子都是大同小異。這個禱告或是願望,你會發現問題減少了,而如果那發生的話,它也是為了帶出更好的你而出現的。讓你更有技巧,更堅強,更美麗。這是切實可行的辦法。所以在新的一年裡,向往年學習,而在新的一年裡,去察覺你是超越時間的。在靜心的時候你所經歷過的那些時刻就是超越時間的。這就是當那些事情都不會觸碰到你,你的情緒不會起伏,你的心智不會干擾你,也沒有人會讓你失去平衡。以一個很安詳的狀態去應對。沒有歡樂或是痛苦會苦倒你。你是超越二元性的。


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