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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forgive and Forget 原谅和遗忘

Forgive and Forget

Q: Guruji, I am in a situation in which I am neither able to forgive nor forget. Please guide me what to do.
+Sri Sri Ravi Shankar   : Then just think about your death, that you are going to die. Even if you hold on (to the situation), still you will be finished; you will go away from this world. Now, do you want to carry that impression?
Come on, wake up! Life is so short and everybody is like a rag doll. They don’t have a mind of their own. Everyone is like a rag doll, and there is a particular force and energy that is working through everybody. That one Paramakaranakarana is the cause of all causes. The Shiva Tattva is playing, putting different things in different people’s minds. Understand this Advaita knowledge; feel it. We are all made up of the same substance.

All these little minds are there, but the mind is also influenced by a big mind, and according to karma. So, different people act in different ways. Have you noticed that sometimes, you haven’t done anything wrong to anyone, and still they became your enemies? Especially people to whom you have done a lot of good to, they become your enemies. You wonder, this person is my best friend, I did so much for him, and this person became my enemy! Isn’t it? In the same way, there are some people to whom you have not done any special favors, yet they have become your friends, hasn’t this happened? You met someone in the train and then they came out and helped you so much. So both, friendship and enmity happens with some strange law of karma. That is why friends or enemies are all same, because another power is working through them. Knowing this, relax. Similarly, when you do good work, there are people who criticize you. There are people who do horrible work, and there are some people praising them as well. You find it so strange. So, drop them all and relax.


他们是没有属于自己的意识的。每一个人就像是布娃娃一样,而有一股力量和能量在每个人里面操作着。这个Paramakaranakarana就是导致一切所发生的原因。 这是至尊神首希瓦·塔特瓦(Shiva Tattva)在玩游戏,祂把不同的东西放进不同人的脑子里。去理解这些阿兑塔(Advaita--不二论 )的知识;去感觉到它。我们是从同一个实质创造出来的。

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