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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Total Surrender 完全的臣服

Total Surrender

Q: It is said that one get everything from surrender; then is it right to understand that those who have not got everything have not surrendered completely?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: One should think carefully before asking for everything also. If you ask for everything, it will include both the good and the bad. Joy, sorrow, problems, all these are included in everything. All these are part of life. 
See, there is no clarity in your mind. You don't even clearly know what you want. One day, sit comfortably somewhere and think about what you really want. You have dozens of wants and your mind gets caught up with them; this is not right. Have one want and focus on that. There is no one who can say that none of his desires have been fulfilled. Also there is no one who can say that all his desires have been 100% fulfilled.
The more the Sattva, the more fulfillment comes, and work that you undertake gets accomplished.
The more you are in a joyful state, that much more of your work get completed. The lesser your cravings for your desires to get fulfilled, the more your desires get fulfilled.
If you sit with new desires every minute then, our consciousness which is like a computer, gets confused - like how you commonly call it, ‘it hangs’ and abruptly stops working.
Even in your cell phone, if you initiate too many operations all at once it will stop working. Just like a cell phone, our consciousness is like a big computer. That is why desiring is also an art, and having your desires fulfilled is also an art. Furthermore, being able to have desires fulfilled even without desiring is an even bigger art. This is what is called Siddhi (extraordinary or perfected ability). How many of you here have experienced that before you desire, your needs are being met? (Many raise their hands in the audience).
See, so many Siddhas (perfected ones) are sitting here. Everyone is raising their hands. Even before you desire, if all your work is being done then it is worth praising.






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