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Monday, December 24, 2012

Violence vs. Non-Violence 暴力與非暴力

 Violence vs. Non-Violence

Q: Guruji, How can I be a non-violent person when I live in a neighbourhood where if I don’t carry a gun with me I will be shot dead? What do I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:  Violence does not mean self-protection nor does non-violence mean lack of self-defence. You should be prepared for your self-defence no doubt, but in your mind and heart you nurture non-violence. And you will see in the presence of non-violence, such strong non-violence, even violent people will drop their violent tendencies.

It has happened several times with me, when I was in Washington DC, another time in Los Angeles. On both occasions a gentleman wanted to attack me. He cursed me and said that this was all satanic, Yoga was satanic. As soon as he came, this tall hefty guy, I said, “Wait.” We didn’t have any weapons and we didn’t have any defence. He just went down on his knees and started crying. Everybody was so surprised, it was a satsang, like this, nobody expected a man to attack. I just said, “Wait, wait,” and he bowed down and started crying. Later on he took the course.

You know, it is a misconception that could cause violence. It is stress and a sort of victimization that could cause violence. But when we believe in non-violence and we walk with that power in our hearts you will find a big change. There are so many such events. A long time ago, I was in Delhi and Noida. Thousands of people came with torches to burn my car. I just showed my hand and said, “Wait okay, you can do whatever you want. I just want ten minutes to talk to you. But that’s it, in those ten minutes they all changed. In those days, in 1980, Noida was not developed; it was all a jungle, a village with dacoits. So we must believe in non-violence and I don’t mean you should not carry a weapon or learn self-defence. Until you get so well established in non-violence you can have those arms, you can keep your self-defence that is okay.




兩個場合中,有個男士要攻擊我。他詛咒我並說這一切都是邪惡的,瑜伽是邪惡的。這位巨大的男士來到我跟前的時候,我就說『等一下』。那個時候我們沒有武器, 我們也沒有防衛。他當時就跪下來哭泣了。大家都很驚訝。那是一個唱場,像現在這樣,沒有人預料到會有人攻擊。而我只是說『等一下,等一下』而他就跪下來哭泣了。後來他也參加了課程。


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