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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Volunteer 義工

Happy International Volunteer's Day!
Who is a volunteer? One who comes to help, without being asked to help; one who is self-motivated, inspired, becomes a volunteer.
There is the possibility of the inspirational motivation going down in a volunteer, which could bring frustration. Usually volunteers come from the space of demand rather than humility – this dilutes the quality.
Another slack that could happen to a volunteer is that they could slip away from commitment, thinking there is no ‘boss’ – "If I like it, I do it; if I don’t like it, I don’t!" It is like the steering wheel of a car – if all the tires say they do not need steering, then the car cannot run smoothly. If you want to construct a building, you have to accept the authority of the structural engineer.
All these can only be overcome by being more grounded in spiritual knowledge. A volunteer devoid of spiritual dimension is utterly weak. - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
另 一个让義工从他们的承诺里松懈下来的原因,就是他们认为反正没有一个“老板”——『我高兴的时候我才做吧;如果我不高兴我就不做!』就像车的驾驶盘——如 果所有的轮胎都说我们不需要驾驶盘,那么这辆车就不能顺利的前进。如果你要建立一栋建筑物,你必须要接受那些结构工程师的指示。

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