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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Are Loved 你是挚爱的

You Are Loved

October 22, 2012

Bangalore, India


So, the message from the Divine is that - you are so dear to the Divine. You simply have to recognize that you are so loved.
You cannot imagine how much you are loved by God. There is so much love. Just like how a mother loves her baby, irrespective of what the kid does. The kid may create a mess, but the mother doesn’t mind. She smiles, cleans up the mess and then once again continues to love the child. Similarly, you are most dear to the Divine. This is what we must keep in our minds. I am here just to tell you this, and nothing else! If you understand this, then my work is done!

‘I am so dear to the Divine’, and ‘The Divine is here, right now’, these are the two things to remember.

When the I in us dissolves and remains only as energy, that is when happiness wells up. Otherwise you think, ‘I want to get enlightened’ or ‘I want to experience this.’ And it is that I which makes you miserable. And when doubt enters the I then that is the worst thing.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘When doubt enters into the heart of an individual, he is totally lost, and he becomes miserable’. So, make sure that you recognize that you are most dear and the most loved by the Divine. That is it. Seal it! No more doubt about that, or no more self doubt.
No questioning whether I am loved or not. You should not be questioning.

First God tells you, ‘You are very dear to me’, and then the devotee says, ‘Yes, I love you too!’ So, first listen to these words that the Divine is telling you, that he or she loves you very dearly. He will never allow you to sink – this is the first thing.

The second is the faith that, I will never be allowed to sink. I may be in water up to the nose, but not above the nose.

And third thing is that we must keep our mind happy and contented. Come what may, we have to keep a contended mind.A discontentment or grumbling mind, even if it gets everything on this planet, still it will remain miserable. Nothing whatsoever in the universe can ever give you contentment. You have to bring it to yourself. And when does that happen? It happens when you let go and understand. Purity, Clarity, and Contentment, is the formula for happiness.

There is a proverb in the Bible as well that says, ‘Those who have will be given more, those who do not have, whatever little they have, will also be taken away.’
That is very true. In the mind, if there is lack of contentment and you are complaining and grumbling, then you should become aware of it and snap out of that state. You must take responsibility for that, it is very important.

Contentment and happiness! Do everything happily. Walk, talk, sit happily; even if you complain against somebody, do it happily. I think we do that here in the ashram quite a bit! (Sri Sri laughs)

Do you know, the day before yesterday, the person in the purchase department called me in the middle of the night and said, ‘Gurudev, there are a few little things that we need to buy for tomorrow.’
I said, ‘What?’
And he said, ‘We need 3000 kilos of sugar and 2000 kilos of moong daal to make pudding.’
And I said, ‘What? (Surprised), you said you need a few little things.’
So, the purchase department rushed to the wholesale market, woke up the people from sleep in the middle of the night, and got everything delivered at 2:00am.
They had to wake up several shop owners, take them to their shops, open the godowns, and bring the items. But they were all happy.
The seller was also happy, the buyer was also happy, the cook was happy and those who ate were also happy.

You know, this whole act could have become very stressful.
The person was telling me this at the last minute. Where do we go at the last minute?
There could have been a lot of grumbling and complaining, and they could have come back saying, ‘Oh no, it didn’t happen.’ But that was not the case.
See, where there is Sattva and positivity, challenges are also sweet.
That is why happiness and contentment is very important.

See, if it was a small little thing, then it is okay. You can go and open one shop. But you can’t get 3000 kilos of sugar from one shop.
So in everybody’s life, there are many such things that happen which we sometimes consider impossible. Do you know why? It is because we don’t recognize our self.

Do you know why the elephant got so scared when she came here (Yagyashala)? (Referring to Indrani (Ashram Elephant) who was brought to participate in the Chandi Homam) 
She got scared because she saw herself on the screen, and she thought there was another elephant standing. She didn’t realize that it is her own reflection. So we had to put off that screen.

At that time I thought, she has taught us a big lesson today. This is what is happening with people, they don’t recognize themselves. Everybody is only a reflection of you.
When you don’t recognize yourself, or you are so scared of looking at yourself, that is where the knowledge helps to reflect, to recognize this.

Look within yourself, what is there, what is bothering, what is pricking?
If you see that there are some negative tendencies in you, I tell you, don’t worry about them, because you cannot get rid of them. There is somebody to take care of it. This is the message!

In the Durga Saptashati ,it is said, ‘Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Bhranti-rupena Samsthitha Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha.’
Oh Mother, you are present in all beings as peace and as disturbance; as knowledge and as delusion. I adore and bow down to you!

So the Divine is also present as disturbances.
Look at all the beings on the planet, they are so disturbed. The elephant was disturbed for a little while.

What was that? It is the consciousness; the pure energy that is present in the form of delusion, and in the form knowledge, and in the form of ignorance.
That is why, adore everything holistically. Take them all together. Don’t try to choose or separate, take them all completely and then you will be at peace; absolute peace.
This is the whole essence. Then freedom from misery, attainment of peace, exuberating love and joy, devotion and freedom in the mind - these are the things that are brought up.

The whole universe is just one consciousness. Didn’t you all feel today? It is like there are so many bodies, but just one mind.
One body in spite of so many bodies,
one being in the entire field.
We are all part of that One - this understanding comes up as a deep experience.

Now don’t ask, ‘When will that come to me Guruji? I want it now.’ Just relax! Do nothing!
Just know that you are dear to the Divine and the Divine is here, right now, in you.

And that is it for today.



“我是被神性挚爱着的” “当下,神性就在这里”,这两件是你一定要记得。

当 “小我” 被瓦解的时候,剩下的就只是 “能量” 而已,这就是当我们开心的时候的情况。不然你只会想着“
我要证悟”,“我要体验这个”,这些都是让你痛苦的原因。当“怀疑”插入 “小我” 的时候,情况会是更糟糕的。 
在薄迦梵歌里( Bhagavad Gita),主奎师那(Lord Krishna)说到:“当怀疑进入一个人的心里时,他是完全迷失的,而他也为之痛苦”。



在这个宇宙间,没有任何事物可以给予你知足。你需要把知足带给你自己。什么时候这会发生呢?当你 “放下” “明白” 的时候。

在圣经里有那么一句谚语“那些已经拥有的,会被给予更多;那些没有拥有的,剩余的统统都会被取走。” 这是真实的。在心智里,只要缺乏知足:当你在埋怨唠叨的时候,你必须要察觉到这一点,然后把它去除。你必须要为这个负责人,这点是非常重要的。



你可知道这全程可是会非常紧迫的。负责人可是在最后一分钟才告诉我的,我们在这样的非常时刻要去哪里找呢?那个情况可能会是很多的牢骚和埋怨的,他们也可以空手回来然后说“噢不!它没有成功。” 但是那不是这么一回事。看到了吗,在有萨埵(Sattva )和正能量的地方,变化也是甜美的。这就是为什么快乐和知足是非常重要的。




Durga Saptashati(唱诵文)里说道: ‘Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Bhranti-rupena Samsthitha Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha.’(梵文)



现在别问 “古儒吉,那我几时才会得到这个?我现在就要!” 就只是放松吧!别做任何事情!


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