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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bring out the Divine qualities 带出神性的品质

Q: Guruji, I feel that I am surrounded by selfish and cunning people who just want to get work done from me. How should I maintain my innocence and simplicity in this world?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: 
First of all, don’t label everyone as cunning and corrupt. Then you will only see them in that light. Do not label people like that even if they are like that. Your sankalpa or your thought can bring up the worst in them. However, if your sankalpa is good even in the people who appear to be worst, good will come out of them.

Today one of our teachers from Srinagar called me; he completed a YLTP course of 50 youth. He was mentioning that the transformation was so much in the youth. The district collector came for the closing ceremony and said, "This is a miracle. What has happened to these youths here? So much transformation”. The youth were saying that you have never given us this kind of spiritual education before and you blame us that we do this and we do that, but nobody ever taught us inner peace.

So it is up to us to bring out the best in others, often we criticize others saying, "You are hopeless”, but you know there are some good things also, you have to give them some hope. Bring out the Divine qualities in the people around you; take this as your mission. I am not telling you to be naïve. Be careful, at the same time bring out good qualities.



他刚和50个青年完成YLTP(Youth Leadership Training Program 青年領袖訓練課程)。他提到那些青年有着很大的转变。来参与闭幕礼的县稅收長说『这是个奇迹。这些青年在这里发生了什么事?这是多么大的转变。』那些青年说你从来没有给过我们这些灵性教育但是你责怪我们做了这些那些,但是从来没有人教过我们内在的平静。


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