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Friday, January 4, 2013

Give A Chance For Miracles To Happen 給奇蹟一個機會

Give A Chance For Miracles To Happen

December 28, 2012

Bad Antogast, Germany


You have heard of many Guru stories, isn't it? So now I am going to tell you a Devotee story.
In the last week of November, I was touring in some of the remote places in the state of Maharashtra. Some villages and districts that I have never been to. There were a lot of people who came to meet me.
In one village, I told my secretary, ‘Three people have lost their mobiles and they are very poor people. So put three new cell phones in my bag.'
When I went there, there were 2,000 to 2,500 volunteers and a crowd of around 200,000 people.
In the volunteers meet after the program, I said, ‘Three of you lost your mobile phones. I know about it. Those of you who have lost your mobile phones, please stand up’, and only three people stood up.
There was a lady who had stood up, and I told her, ‘Look, you were crying in front of my picture last Thursday. You did not know what to do, how to face your family because an expensive mobile phone was lost, which must have been worth two to three months of earnings. Here, take a new one.'

When I was doing this, one boy from the group came up to me and he shared his story. He was in an advanced course and his wife was at home, and he had to talk to her. There was no battery on his phone and he had forgotten the charger at home. So he put the phone in front of my picture and asked, ‘Gurudev, let the phone be charged.'
The next morning, when he woke up, the phone was fully charged.
This boy showed me his phone and said, ‘Look, for one and a half years I have thrown away my charger, and now I only keep my phone in front of your picture and it gets charged.’He threw his charger away!I said, 'This is really something. Even I need a charger for my phone, and my devotee charges his phone by keeping it in front of my picture.'
See how powerful devotees can be

I thought this is a very exciting story. So I came back to Bangalore and there were about 150 people from Russia, Poland and all over Europe, and I shared this story with them, ‘Look I can’t charge my phone without a charger and see this devotee threw away his charger and he is charging his phone every day keeping it in front of my picture.'
So the 150 people there said, 'Yes, it happens for us also.'
My saying this did not surprise them at all.
One Russian said, ‘It happened to me also. One day, I too put my phone and prayed that it should get charged, and it indeed did get charged!’
Devotees from Poland and Scandinavia also shared the same experiences.
Another person shared their experience and said, ‘My car ran out of petrol and the fuel marker had come to zero showing me that the tank was empty. But I kept driving, and drove117 kilometers on an empty tank.'
How is it possible? This seems to break all apparent laws of nature.
I tell you, we should give miracles a chance to happen in life. Nobody’s life is devoid of miracles. Only we don’t believe in them.

All the cultures and philosophy in this world are based on miracles. In fact they thrive on miracles.
Just remove all the miracles from the Bible and you will feel as if the Bible does not exist.
Similarly, if you take any scripture in the world, it is full of miracles. But we think miracles are a thing of the past and not of the present. I tell you, it can happen even today, in the present.

Once, I was at Boston airport and a devotee bought food for me, and for the four others who were travelling with me. Do you know how many people were with me? A large number of around 60 to 70 people, and the food which was meant for four people was shared between 60 people. Everybody ate food.
It makes you wonder - how is this possible?! 

There is a scientific explanation for this also.
The whole world is nothing but vibrations; everything is vibrations. Matter is nothing but vibrations. Matter and energy are the same, they are just vibrations.
See, when you go near an automatic glass door, immediately the glass door opens.
Just imagine if this was a phenomenon that would have happened 100 to 200 years ago. People at that time would have gone crazy. They would wonder as to how this is happening. You simply go and the door opens.
Today, we know that this is because of bio energy. There is energy emitting from our body.
Do you know, there are locks that can be opened only by one person.
You must have heard of biometric locks. If it is your energy that is embedded in that lock, then nobody else can open it. Only when you touch it, will it open.
That means that everyone is emitting energy.

When you are in a state of love and devotion, your energy is so strong, so big, that when you want a cell phone to get charged, it simply gets charged.
It is just like an intense energy of the biometric lock. When you move near the door, the door opens because of your energy is caught by that little box above the door.

Similarly, the entire universe is just made up of energy. It is all energy. So give a chance for miracles to happen.
When is all this possible? It can happen when you are hollow and empty.
When both, your heart and mind are pure and clear, then positive energy rises in you. But if your mind is full of negativity, and if you are stressed out; or if you are complaining about this and that, and grumbling and griping, then no miracle is possible. Even regular work which has to happen does not happen. Simple things do not happen because energy is low and negative.
When energy is high, what you think is impossible starts happening.

Even from a scientist’s point of view, miracles are indeed possible.
Nothing is impossible. You simply need to know the mechanics of how it all works, and in what state of consciousness can all this happen.

How many of you here have had that experience of a miracle? (Many raise their hands).
See! All of you here have experienced some miracle or another. So when we feel that deep connection, when we feel that love and devotion, it all happens effortlessly.

Now, if you were to ask me, 'How do I increase my devotion?'
I tell you, there is no way to increase. Do not try to do that, just relax.
This is the problem actually.
Many people ask me, ‘How do I surrender? How do I increase my devotion?’
I tell you, there is no way to do that. But, if you ask me, ‘How I can get rid of my negativity?’ I would say, ‘Yes there is a way.'
How? Just wake up and see! Wake up! Let go of the negativity. Think, ‘So Hum and So What!' These two things are there.
First, when faced with a problem or with negativity, just think, ‘So what? It is okay.’ And then, ‘So Hum’ (literally meaning ‘I am That’; it refers to the individual self identifying with the Divine Supreme Consciousness).
This way you can get rid of negativity and keep your spirit high.

You know when someone is not feeling good, they pull everybody down around them. And if you talk to them, you will see that not only are they feeling down themselves, they try to pull everyone else down as well. This is their job.
If you do not like a person, you go on blaming them, and if someone else likes them, you tell them also, ‘Look that person is no good.'
Also, there are people who say it in such a different way that you may fall prey to their negativity. They say, ‘Look, I do not want to create a bad opinion about that person, so I do not want to talk about them. I do not want to spoil your idea or impression about them.' But the harm is already done.
Do you see what has happened? The doubt has already been put in your mind.
So people who do not have high energy try to pull everybody down when they are miserable, and then they feel happy seeing everybody else is unhappy.
They do this unconsciously. They are not conscious about this, they do not know they are doing it.

There is a story in the Ramayana.The monkeys in Lord Rama’s army wanted to make a bridge between India and Sri Lanka and all the troops were preparing for it. So what they did is, they would write ‘Sri Ram’ on every stone and then put the stone in the water, and the stone would float.Now, when Lord Rama himself arrived, he was surprised to see that all these people were writing his name on these stones and putting them into the water, and they were floating. So he wanted to try whether he can do it. So, he took a stone and wrote ‘Sri Ram’ on it, and put it in the water, but that stone sank, it did not float.So the devotees told him, ‘You do not know what devotion is. You cannot do what we can do.’So it is said that devotees are one step higher, and they have huge power.

Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. Do not let anybody, any situation, any cause, any reason destroy that.
Our love is so fragile and we make it so vulnerable that simply by listening to some people’s negative talks, their negativity gets into our head and we start destroying our own high energy.
Now that does not mean you have to be blind. We need to be intellectually sharp and logically correct, and at the same time, maintain that beautiful gift that one gets, called love. This we need to protect, just like how you protect a child.
How do you protect a child from falling, and from getting lost? You protect a child by keeping a watch on it all the time, where the child is moving, where it is going, and what it is doing. In the same way we need to protect this inner treasure. Once we have it, we need to protect it. This is very important.
Give a chance for miracles to happen. It is not that you simply sit and make it happen by saying, ‘I want a miracle to happen now.' It is not like that.
I tell you, when you insist on a miracle to happen, it is as foolish as someone trying to impress you with a miracle.

Never go to somebody who tries to impress you with a miracle and says, ‘I am going to create something out of thin air.' This is not the right thing at all.
Do not run after miracles, but at the same time do not block them from happening.
Someone who is centered, someone who is enlightened, will never try to make a miracle. Miracles simply happen; they are a part of life. Just let them happen.
Do not try to impress somebody or create something, that is no good.
Do you see what I am saying?
It does not show maturity and blossoming of your consciousness.
We do not need to impress anybody at all. If someone tries to do that, they are not where they think they are, or where they are expected to be.

The power of love and devotion is so much. And all this (Satsang, Seva and Sadhana) is just an aid to make that happen. Sit in Satsang and just see how the energy in you rises. There are so many inspiring stories that you get to hear.

You all have had some inspiring stories, and you should write them down and share them because this will inspire others.
Why I am saying this is because when you hear that something good is happening to someone else, it uplifts you too.
In today’s world you hear so many negative stories all the time. You hear of robbery committed, or a rape committed. You hear of someone cheating someone else, and many other crimes being committed around you.
When you hear all this, you lose interest in life. Many young people lose interest in life just listening to negative stories.

In the summer, I was in Canada, and a couple came to see me.
They said, ‘Gurudev, our 18 years old son committed suicide. He was a very brilliant young boy. He left a note in which he wrote, ‘Mum and Dad, I do not find this world the right place to live in. There is so much crime happening every day. I do not want to live in this world and I am fed up with it.''
Do you know how he formed this opinion? Just by watching the news.
In his note, the boy further wrote, ‘I am sorry I am bringing you misery and sorrow, but I do not want to continue living.'
So the boy wrote this note and later killed himself.
We must all resolve to bring positive news to everyone around us because this universe is ruled by love; by the light.
The light brings so many gifts to you and so many miracles are possible.

Every day I receive thousands of e-mails from people across the world expressing gratitude and narrating the wonders happening in their lives.
It does not look good if I put all those letters out, before you; but I tell you, you should write your experiences and share them with others. Bring a ray of hope to all those who are desperately in need of it.

You do not have to make up stories. Creating false stories is altogether another extreme. That is not good. But whatever good that is happening in your life, at least that you must bring to the lives of others. You should make people aware of it.
Write all the wonderful things that are happening in your life.
Keep it short though, not too long. Sometimes people write such long stories that you do not even wish to read it completely. After reading just one paragraph you feel like closing it. So, write your experiences, but it has to be short and crisp.
You should write about any authentic experience of yours that you know and wish to share. That is what can actually inspire.
You know, when we share something authentic, it has a very positive impact on the lives of others. This is how we need to inspire people towards the light, towards life, and towards love.
This is needed much more today than ever before.

Every day I get so many letters from people.
There are stories of doctors who had given up hope, and who had said that somebody is going to die within six months and yet they are alive, years after the incident.
So many healings have happened. There are thousands of such letters.

Today, our mind set has become such that we do not believe in this field of energy any longer. We tend to believe more in chemical tablets that are prescribed to us. However, you must not swing to any extremes. Do not think, ‘Oh, Gurudev has spoken about the field of energy, so I am not going to take any of my medications. I will throw them out.' No! We must not act this way.
We must take the advice of doctors, but at the same time, what I am telling you is, give a chance for miracles to happen.
That is the essence of it.


2012年12月28日,德國Bad Antogast

你們已經聽過很多上師的故事了對嗎?現在我要告訴你們的是信徒的故事。在十一月份的最後一個星期,我去到馬哈拉施特拉邦(Maharashtra是印度的那一个港口) 一些比較偏遠的地方。一些我從來沒有到過的村莊和縣市。有很多人來見我。在其中一個村莊,我對我的秘書說『有三個人遺失了他們的手提電話,他們是很窮苦的人家。放三個新的手提電話在我的包包裡吧。』當我去到那裡的時候,那裡有2000到2500位義工,而群眾就有200000人。在節目結束後,有個義工的會議,我就說『我知道你們當中有三個人遺失了手提電話,那些手提電話不見了的人請站起來。』而站起來的就只是三個人。有位站著的女士,我對她說『你上個禮拜四對著我的相片哭泣。你不知道要怎麼辦,不知道要如何面對你的家人,因為昂貴的手提電話不見了,一個至少需要兩三個月的薪水的電話。這裡,把這個新的拿去。』

當我在這樣做的時候,一個男生來到我的面前分享他的故事。那時候他在上高級課程而他的太太則在家裡,而他要和她說話。但是手提電話卻沒有電池了,而他又忘了帶充電器。所以他就把電話放在我的照片前面說到『古儒吉,請幫這電話充電吧。』第二天早上,當他醒來的時候,他發現電話已經充電好了。這男生給我看了他的電話, 又說『看,這一年半以來我已經把充電器丟掉了,現在我只是把電話放在你的相片前面而它就會充電了。』他把充電器丟掉了!我說『這真的是有一些什麼。就連我本身都需要充電器來為電話充電,而我的信徒就只是把它的電話放在我的相片前就可以了。』看看信徒的力量有多大的威力啊

我以為這是個很令人興奮的故事。當我回到班克羅,那裡有150位從俄羅斯,波蘭和歐洲其他國家來的人,我就和他們分享這個故事『你們看,沒有充電器的話我也不能為我的電話充電,但是這位信徒卻把充電器丟掉了,而每天他只是把他的電話放在我的相片前就可以充電了。』可是這150個人卻說『是的,這也發 生在我們身上。』我告訴他們的故事一點都沒有帶給他們任何驚喜。一個俄羅斯人說『這也發生在我身上。有一天我就只是放著我的電話,然後祈禱讓它充電,而它真的就充電了!』波蘭和斯堪納維亞的信徒們也分享了同樣的經驗。還有一個人分享他的經驗說『我的車沒有氣油了,燃料標記也顯示著零,告訴我說油桶是空的。但是我只是繼續的駕駛,用一個空的油桶行駛了117公里。』





你們都經歷過一些奇蹟。所以我們會感受到那深層的連接,當我們感受到愛和奉獻的時候,它自然而然會發生。現在如果你問我『我要如何增加我的奉獻和忠誠?』我告訴你們,是沒有方法可以增加的。不要試著去做那些,放鬆就好。這其實是一個問題。很多人問我 『我要如何臣服?我要如何增加我的奉獻和忠誠?』我告訴你們,這是沒有方法的。但是如果你問我『我要如何處理負面能量?』我會說『是的,那是有方法的。』 什麼方法?你只需要醒過來看一看!醒過來!放下那些消極的。只想『So Hum(淨化呼吸裡的)和So What(那又怎麼樣)』這兩樣。第一,當你面對問題或是消極情緒時,你只需要想『那又怎麼樣?這個沒什麼。』然後是『So Hum』(意思是“我就是”,指的是和大意識所連接的本我。)這樣一來你就可以處理掉那些消極的事情而讓你的精神保持正面。當一個人感覺不良好的時候, 他會把身邊的人都拖下。如果你和他們說話,你會發現他們不只是自己覺得低落,他們會把所有人都拉下。這是他們的工作。如果你不喜歡一個人,你會去責怪他們,如果有其他喜歡他們的人,你會去告訴他們,『看!這個人是不好的。』還有一些人是以別人方式讓你跌入陷阱,他會說『我不想讓你對他有不好的影看法,所以我還是不要在你的面前討論他比較好。』但是傷害卻已經造成了。你看到什麼事情發生了嗎?有一些疑問已經植入你的心智裡。所以那些沒有高能量的人會試著在他們痛苦的時候把所有的人都拉下水。而他們看到大家都不快樂的時候他們就會快樂了。他們是無意識的在做這些事情。他們不知道這一點,他們不知道自己在做些什麼。

有個關於羅摩衍那(Ramayana)的故事。主拉瑪的猴子們要在印度和斯里蘭卡之間建一座橋,整個軍隊都在為這個做準備。他們所做的是在每一個石頭上寫到『詩麗拉瑪』,當他們把石頭放在水裡的時候,石頭都浮上來。當主拉瑪抵達的時候,他覺得非常的驚訝,所以他也拿了一塊石頭寫上『詩麗拉瑪』然後把它放進水里,結果石頭就沉下去了。他的信徒就告訴他『你不知道奉獻和忠誠是什麼,所以你不能做我們所做的。』所以據說信徒是更高一 層的,他們有很大的力量。

愛是這個星球上最有力量的東西。不要讓任何人,任何情況,任何原因,任何理由毀掉這個。我們的愛是脆弱的,我們讓它如此的脆弱,只是純粹聽進別人所說的負面話語,那些消極的事情就會進入我們的腦袋,我們就會開始摧毀我們的正能量。但是這並不表示你要變得麻木。我們需要敏銳的智力和正確的邏輯,同一時間也要保持那份美麗的禮物,那份叫做愛的禮物。我們需要保護它,像在保護一個孩子那樣。你是如何保護一個孩子讓他不要跌倒或迷失?你會時時看著他,在他活動的時候, 無論他到哪裡,或是他在做任何事情的時候你都會看著他。同樣的,我們也需要這樣來保護我們內在的寶藏。一旦我們擁有了它,我們就要保護它。這個非常重要。給奇蹟機會發生。這不表示你只是坐著然後說『我要奇蹟現在就發生』,不是這樣的。我告訴你們,如果你堅持要奇蹟發生,這是愚蠢的,就像是有人試著要用奇蹟來打動你。不要去找那些試著以奇蹟打動你的人『看我要從空中變出一些東西來。』這是不對的。不要去追求那些奇蹟,但是也不要阻止奇蹟的發生。一個處在中心的人, 一個開悟的人,他們不會去製造奇蹟。奇蹟是自然而然發生的,它是生命的一部分。就讓它們發生吧。不要試著去打動任何人,或是去創造些什麼,這是不好的。你們都明白嗎?這不會顯現你的意識的成熟和綻放。我們完全不需要去打動任何人。如果有人試著要那麼做,他們並不知道他們的所在處,或他們並不是在他們預想的地方。 






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