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Friday, January 4, 2013

Guru Punch! 古儒吉智慧語錄

Just imagine somebody yelling at the top of his voice, grinding his teeth, holding his fists, with red eyes and all the veins in their throat popping out. Just looking at them is such fun! Without them, the whole world would be very dull. Imagine everybody walking around with an "air-hostess" smile all the time. It is no fun! - Sri Sri

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  1. JGD, I'm Zok from Malaysia. 1st of all , i'm very glad that you guys are also working hard on sharing guruji's knowledge:)which currently we all do:)
    Guruji's Official Chinese Blog is going to launch on Febuary , seva from all over the world, and also Bangalore Ashram web team are working closely now for this official launch.
    We would really like you to join us as part of the Seva team. Please contact me -


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