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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Message for the youth 給年輕人的訊息

Q: Guruji, what is your message for the youth this year?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The youth are getting younger and the time is always of young people. Every minute belongs to them. So if you feel you are youthful in your spirit, then the whole year is yours. By the way, youth is not just by age, it is by spirit, remember that. Look at the spirit of people here; it is more youthful than any youth. In 2012, see what you gained from the past. The past year has opened your eyes to many mistakes you did. Don’t regret them because with every mistake you have learnt, but now resolve not to repeat those mistakes. You have also learnt from other people who have done blunders. See what happened with their life. Usually we get so annoyed and angry at people who do wrong things. I say you should not do that; you should simply thank them because they are falling and teaching you at their own cost. They do blunders and teach you, ‘look what a blunder I did, you better not do the same.’ So thank them for that and move on!

Just imagine, suppose you are born in some other place, how will life be for you? It will be again very new. Suppose you are born again in another country. Like to a baby, everything is new; the different people are all talking different languages. Everything is new and interesting for you. One who is on the spiritual path should take rebirth every moment. Don’t crib about the past. ‘I did that mistake’, or ‘she did that mistake’, or ‘they did that mistake.’ Bundle it all and throw it in the Atlantic Ocean or whichever ocean is nearest to you. Then wake up and shake and look at the world with new eyes and with a fresh mind; everything new, everyone new. Life goes on! If you can die every moment and be born every moment then that is enlightenment and that is happiness. 

Being in NOW! Fresh new life, the past has all gone... NOW! Live NOW a hundred percentage, ready to face the challenges of life and march ahead. See how you can be useful to everyone around you. With just this idea and this thought, move on and on! 





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