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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sri Sri's New Year Message 古儒吉的新年讯息

Sri Sri's New Year Message

December 31, 2012

Berlin, Germany


2012 is passing rather very fast. Let us recapture!
When this year began, there was a lot of talk about 21 December 2012. There were rumors that the world is going to end. And there are many people who believe rumors; at least some people believe in rumors very strongly.
So people started hoarding food in their basements, waiting for the doomsday to fall.
I have always been saying that no such thing is going to happen.
Of course, this year we have seen many catastrophes, like almost every year. Maybe little more. US had a big catastrophe, Japan had problems, and there were problems in many other parts of the world as well; Nature’s fury.
At the same time the economic gloom, which people thought is going to really make the situation worse, was also managed. Still everything is working well. People are surviving. Of course things have to become better and it has started becoming better already.
This coming year, 2013, will be much better.

There is a big awareness in people today, towards the environment, towards the safety of women and children.
What we have been saying for so many years, today many people are waking up and saying, 'We need more human values, we want violence to go down.’
This year, let us all resolve to act for making a better society - a society free from violence, society free from crime and corruption, a society which is safe and just, and a world which is sustainable.
Most of all, we need to work towards spiritual elevation and spiritual awakening. And it will happen. In fact, it is already happening. More and more people are interested in spiritual awakening.
The Art of Living is going to make a big leap. This year we will be teaching two new Kriyas, which will make people's lives much more joyful. People will feel so much more joyful, so much more dynamic, so much more committed, compassionate and creative.
Time poses challenges, it is for you to see how you can benefit from these challenges. Every time a challenge is in front of you, see how you can make this challenge, an opportunity for your own growth. How you can turn it and utilize it for your own growth. This is what you need to do.
As you are coming to the end of this year, think of all those challenges you had, and how they have contributed to your growth. Think of how you handled these challenges, and while handling them, what mistakes you made, and from those mistakes, what lessons did you infer. This is the first step.
Second, think of gifts that the past year has given to you; has brought to your life, and how you are going to utilize these gifts for the betterment of life on the planet.
See, everyone is bestowed with some or other talents, some or other gifts. You need to see how are you utilizing these talents.
Are you utilizing them at all? This is what you need to point out.
Plan for this year; in the next 12 months, what are you going to do every day?!
Everyday, do meditation. Once in every three to four months take some time off and go deeper into meditation and go into silence. At least once a year, you must meditate in silence (Advanced Course), and spend some time doing some good work for the society and for everybody on the planet.
Don't think only about yourself, but do some service activity. Then you will see that whatever you want for yourself, you ask and it will come to you.
You have to do something first, then when you ask, you will get.
If you say, ‘I want only for myself, I don't want to do anything’, no, that will not work. You should do some good work in society, bring smiles on the faces of people and gain some merit. If you bring smiles on the faces of others then you have a right to demand something for yourself. Do you see what I’m saying? This is real currency.
See, if you have money then you can go shopping. If you have no money, no credit card and you go shopping, who will give you anything? You need to have some bank balance first, isn't it? So, when you do seva, your bank balance goes up. Then when you ask for whatever it is that you want, you will get it.
You can buy the whole supermarket if you have enough points.
So let us resolve to do something good in society, and let us have the confidence that whatever we need will come to us; will be given to us.
Our wish will definitely be granted. When we wish something, it will be granted.

Next, you need to be ready to learn new lessons in life.
Keep the cheer, the joy and smile throughout the journey of life. Got it?
See, everyone is walking. Some are yelling, crying and walking and some are smiling and walking.
Everybody is on a conveyor belt and the belt is moving. Some are crying, some are laughing, but the conveyor belt is anyway moving.
So, it is your choice, how do you want to move on this conveyor belt of time.
See, in a car, you have a rearview mirror, isn't it?!
You have a big windshield, and there is a small rearview mirror.
Just imagine if your car’s rearview mirror is as big as the windshield and windshield is as small as the rearview mirror, what will happen to you? Can you drive? No!
Your car can teach you a lesson. What is the lesson? You need to look back only a little bit, just like that little mirror.
The rearview mirror represents the past, and the present is the windshield. The future is like the side view mirrors. So, when you drive, you will have to look to the side and to the back as well, but most of the time, you have to look in the front.
If you only keep looking at the side mirrors while driving, you will meet with an accident. So you should look front, but sometimes look at the side mirrors, and sometimes at the rearview mirror. Look a little at the past and the future, but most of the time be in the present.
What do you say?
Time has come, voices of the good people will become stronger now.
All those people who are doing bad things will come to light and their minds will change. Waves of spirituality will start transforming people. This is going to happen in the coming years. This wave will become much more predominant.
Those people who are cheating others, they will all come down from their seats of power, and then they will be exposed. People who are cheating others will be exposed, this will happen.
So, good times are there in front of us.


2012年12月31日 德國,柏林


每個人都是被賦予一些才能的,或是一些禮物。你必須去善用這些天賦。你們有好好應用它嗎?你需要把這些指出。為今年做規劃,接下來的12個月裡,你每一天要做些什麼?每一天都要靜心。每三到四個月就讓自己休息一下,進入深層的靜心和寂靜。一年至少需要禁言靜心一次(高級課程),也用些時間去做些對社會和整個星球的人有貢獻的事情。不要只是想到你自己而已,也需要去做些服務活動。然後你就會發現你所為自己祈求的,你都會得到。你必須先開始付諸於行動, 然後你所祈求的才會成真。如果你只是說『我只要為我自己而已,其它的我都不要做』,不,這是行不通的。你應該在社會裡做些好事,帶給別人歡笑,為自己積德。如果你帶給別人歡笑,那你就有權利為自己要求些其它的。你們明白我所說的嗎?這是真正的匯率。

如果你有錢,那你才可以去購物。如果你沒有錢,沒有信用卡,而你去購物的話,有人會給你東西嗎?你必須先有一些銀行存款,對嗎?所以當你做義工 (Seva)的時候,你的銀行存款就會增加。那個時候你所為自己要求的,你都會得到。如果你有足夠的分數,你甚至可以買整個超級市場。所以讓我們立志去為社會做些好事,也讓我們有足夠的信心去相信我們所需要的都會到來,都會被給予。我們的願望都會被給予。當我們希望得到一些東西的時候,它都會被給予。




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