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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Karma of our parents and ancestors 祖先和父母親的業力

Q: Guruji, How does the Karma of our parents and ancestors affect us? Are we also punished because of their bad karmas?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: 
Listen, if your ancestor has left you a house, is it not a boon for you now? They have earned a lot of money, toiled and built a home and they left it to you. You are enjoying their karma, is it not?! And if they are gone with a big debt in the bank, and if you have to pay that back then that is your karma too. So naturally it affects you.

Not just parents but your company also affects you. If you keep sitting with very depressed people, you also feel down and depressed as well. If you are in the company of joyful and spiritual people your karma improves. You have no escape from bad or good karma in the world. We have to carry on with this, because there are times when we have to interact with people who are sick. You cannot say I don't want to be near sick people. If everybody says that then what will happen to all the hospitals and the patients? So in the world we need to be with everyone, and that is why being in knowledge and seva will help shield you. These are called Kawach.
Chanting Om Namah Shivaya is like an armor around you, it is like a Kawach. It protects you from all the unwanted karma, and other not so good effects are shielded. But you don't have to chant Om Namah Shivaya 24 hours a day. If you do that, your brain will become so dull. Just for a few minutes every day, like brushing your teeth. Just like dental hygiene, you need mental hygiene as well. A few minutes of chanting, a few minutes of meditation, all these will help.



如果你一直和一些很沮喪的人坐在一起,你也會覺得很低落和沮喪。如果你被充滿快樂和富有靈修的人陪伴,你的業力也會改善。你不能脫離世間裡好的或壞的業力。我們必須繼續前進,因為有些時候我們會需要面對一些病人。你不能說我不要靠近病人。如果每一個人都那麼說的話,那麼所有的醫院和病人會怎麼樣?所以在這個世間我們需要和大家在一起,而知識和義工服務會保護你。這些叫做Kawach。念誦Om Namah Shivaya就像是圍繞著你的盔甲,就像是Kawach那樣。它從那些不必要的業力中保護著你,而那些不太好的影響也會被去除。不過你也不需要一天唱誦24個小時的 Om Namah Shivaya。如果你那麼做的話,你的頭腦會變得很枯燥。一天幾分鐘就可以了,就像刷牙那樣。就如保持牙齒的整潔衛生,你的精神也需要保持整潔衛生。幾分鐘的唱誦,幾分鐘的靜心會有所幫助。

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