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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Make a New Friend Everyday 每一天都交个新朋友

Make a New Friend Everyday

March 25, 2013

(Below is the transcript of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.You can watch the Live webcast of future satsangs)

San Diego, California, USA

(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the launch of a special initiative, 'Nonviolence: No Higher Calling' in San Diego, California, on March 25, 2013.)

We need to live in the space of friendliness.
Just walk into a classroom and ask the kids, ‘How many friends do you have?’
We have to educate our children to be friendly. This is the way to end aggression. Give them a commitment to make one new friend every day, and you will see how their whole attitude changes.
Non-violence needs not be cultivated. It is natural, but today we need to cultivate it because we have moved far away from the tendencies of natural living. Children think they have to be aggressive to be a hero. This concept needs to be changed.
We need to bring back dignity and pride in non-violence. I would say, when we connect with different communities that will create a sense to belongingness. Fear, anxiety and insecurity will drop away from society. Love and compassion will take the front seat. And time has come for that love and compassion, which is the real nature of all of all human beings, to shine forth. We need to move away from the beast nature that has taken over our society.
There is not a single human being devoid of compassion. It is simply hidden. It needs to be brought out.

我们需要住在一个友善的空间里。只要走进教室去问那些小朋友,“你有多少位朋友?”我们需要教育我们的孩子成为友善。这是结束侵略行为的方法。和他们做个承诺,让他们每一天都交个新朋友,那么你就会看到他们整个行为的改变。 无暴力是需要被栽培的。它是自然的,但是今天我们却需要去栽培它因为我们已经远离了自然的生活。孩子觉得他们需要有侵略性才能成为英雄。这个概念需要被更改。

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