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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seeing Perfection In The Not-So-Perfect 在不完美當中看見完美

Seeing Perfection In The Not-So-Perfect

May 13, 2013

Bangalore, India

Today we have launched the project of the Kumudvathi River.
The Volunteer For A Better India (VBI), have done a wonderful job in rejuvenating a river which had dried out, and which was a source of water for Bangalore city. Now once this is rejuvenated, 60% of water shortage in Bangalore city will be resolved. And 300 villages will be benefited by this.
Already, 20 lakes have been rejuvenated, and all the work has been done by volunteers. I congratulate all the volunteers who spent those seven to eight hours, each week, in the last three months, working hard with their heart and soul to make this happen.
See, that is what is needed – Passion, to bring a change. We need to have passion to bring the most needed change in all spheres of life.
Today, we have also launched Sri Sri Organics, so that the farmers who were not getting the right prices for their organic produce, don’t have to worry. They simply have to contact our agriculture department, and we will help them. We will also educate them on how to grow organic food, and also provide opportunities for their projects to reach the general population. This is also very important.
Then, light a home project, which is being done by our SSRDP (Sri Sri Rural Development Program) team to light those homes which did not have any electricity. 4000 homes have been lit, just in the last couple of months. This is a very big achievement. 4000 homes that had no electricity, now have solar light; green energy. Many of these homes are in places where there are no roads, and now these people have electricity. This is so nice.
This morning, when I woke up, a thought came to my mind, that it is not difficult to see the Divine in the enlightened, or in the good people. But it is a challenge to see the Divine in the foolish, stupid and the wicked.
In the stupid and wicked people, it is very difficult to see the Divine. And it is these people that bother our mind. When you sit for meditation, what bothers you? It is the wicked person or the stupid person that bothers you.
Just see that even they are the manifestation of the Divine, then the mind shifts to another level of consciousness. Your consciousness shifts to another level wherein you see that oneness, that one Divinity in everybody and in everything. This enables us to go deep within.
Instead what do we do? When we have to act, we think, ‘Even if this is not okay, anyways everything is as per God’s will only’. When we think like this, then we lose the passion and the enthusiasm to work. That is a wrong attitude.
When you want to go inward (meditate), that is when we need to have this attitude that, everything is okay. When you want to act, then you must use your intellect; use your wisdom. See what needed to be attended to; what is right, what is wrong and how you can make things better.
If we can know the distinction between these two, we will raise to a very different level of awareness, in which that inner strength will flow uninterruptedly in our lives.


今天我們啟動了庫慕瓦蒂河(Kumudvathi River)計劃。
為一個更好的印度的義工(Volunteer For A Better India (VBI))為了復興一條乾枯的河做了很多美好的工作,那是班克羅城市主要的水源。現在已經被復興了,班克羅城市60%的缺水問題將被解決。300個村莊將因此受益。
看,這就是所需要的 — 帶動改變的熱情。我們需要熱情把改變帶到生活的各個領域。
這是由我們的SSRDP(Sri Sri Rural Development Program詩麗詩麗農村發展項目)組所完成的。這是個非常大的成就。四千個原本沒有電源的家,現在有太陽能電燈了;綠色能源。這些屋子處在沒有陸路的地方,而現在這些人們有電源了。這樣很好。

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