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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sankalpa (firm resolve to take action) 意願(採取行動的堅定決心)

Sankalpa (firm resolve to take action)

You are never asked to take a Sankalpa for small things. Your small wishes and desires anyway get fulfilled, is it not?
Everything does happen anyway. So when things are happening, instead of keeping small ambitions, you should aspire for something bigger. You should think for the nation and think of the betterment of the world. This is what it is.
Usually you just have small little desires for yourself. You should take up a bigger Sankalpa, one that is beneficial for everyone. This is what is said in the Sanatan Dharma (another name for Hinduism from the ancient days), ‘Tanme Manah Shiva Sankalpa Mastu’, which means, may my mind always have a Sankalpa that is beneficial for everyone.


萨纳坦达尔玛(Sanatan Dharma古時候對印度教的稱呼)裡說到的『Tanme Manah Shiva Sankalpa Mastu』,意思是,願我的心智時時刻刻都懷著對大家有益的意願。

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