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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are You Over Analysing? 你過度分析了嗎?

Are You Over Analysing?  

March 13, 2013

Bangalore, India

Many times we analyse ourselves too much. We keep thinking, this is happening to me, that is not happening; . or I want this, and I want that; or what I did there was so wrong, what I did here was right, etc. We get so entangled into too many thoughts about ourselves; this we should not do.
See, when the wind blows, what happens? Everything gets carried away with it, isn’t it? Everything flies away with the breeze.

So whatever happened in the past, whether good happened or bad happened, whether right happened or wrong happened, whether pleasant or unpleasant events happened, it all happened and it is all gone now. Just like how the air comes and blows everything away, in the same way, all of life’s events come and go. But what is important is that you should not get stuck anywhere, move ahead. Just become hollow and empty, and then you will be joyful.

Tell me, is there anyone who has not had any problems? Problems come in everyone’s life. Is there anyone who has not experienced happiness? Everyone, sometime or the other has experienced happiness.
Is there anyone who has not received praise? Everyone has been praised sometime or the other. Even a dog gets praised! People say, ‘What a nice dog’.
Is there anyone who has not been criticized? Everyone has been criticized at some point or the other. Isn’t it so? Everyone gets criticized.

So if anyone praises you or criticizes you, knows that it is like the air which comes and goes. They are just some passing thoughts that came and went. Thoughts arise in peoples’ minds about you and they go. Some are good thoughts and some are bad thoughts. Now when people themselves are not going to be here forever, what permanence can you attach to their thoughts? What are you going to do with their opinions, when they themselves are not going to be there forever?
So why do you worry about some thoughts from here and there? You should just keep moving on in life. Whatever happens, just keep moving ahead, like air. The air never stops at one place, it keeps moving; water keeps flowing.

Just like how nature follows certain laws, thoughts also follow a particular pattern; they come and they go. Sometimes they bring praise and sometimes criticism. So praise and criticism are part of life. You just move ahead. Don’t get caught up in it.
Many times people analyse themselves too much.
They keeping thinking so many things, I am fine, I am not fine, I am right, I am wrong, I have these qualities, I do not have these qualities. And by doing this, they get caught up in too much negative analysis about themselves.

On the other hand, there are some people who don’t think about themselves at all. They drink alcohol, and only look for pleasure. They do not even for one moment look back and reflect on themselves.
This is why, in the beginning, a seeker is told to first stop and reflect on what is it that he wants?
In The Art of Living Basic Course, this is the first question that we ask, ‘What do you want’? What are your problems?’
Introspection is the first step to move inward.
We tell the participants, ‘Ask yourself, what it is that you want from life. Think about yourself, what do you want?’
This is the first step for a seeker. But if you keep asking yourself, ‘What do I want’, for the rest of your life, then your mind will rot and you will become depressed.
Every day if a person sits and thinks only about himself, then he will rot.
If you see the faces of such people, they look so pale and full of worries. Worry drips from the face of a person who only thinks about himself. Looking at such people would make you want to run away! And people do run away from then. Then this person thinks to himself, ‘Oh, what have I done wrong. Why do people run away from me?’

People run away from such individuals because their vibrations are so negative, as if they stink. If someone is stinking will people wait around him or her? No, they will simply run away! If you think so much about yourself only, who will be drawn towards you?
On one side is an ignorant person who does not think about himself at all. And on the other side is a person who only thinks about himself. Both are not good.
On one side you have a person who is not ripe; too raw, and on the other side is a person whose mind has rotted by only thinking about himself. Both are not good.
You should adopt the middle path. Analyse yourself a little, reflect on it and then leave it and move ahead. Do not get stuck. 

So that you can move ahead, I am telling you that whatever has happened, just drop it and move ahead. Do not sit and regret about what has happened – neither about what you have done, nor about what others did. If you keep thinking about what you did, then you feel regret, and if you think about what others did wrong, then you get angry and worried.
Anyways you have no control over anyone. Nobody has ever had control over anyone else in this world. If you think you are controlling someone or are under the control or influence of someone, then that is a very wrong thought. 

Everything in this world operates as per certain laws of Nature. So whatever has happened in the past, just shrug it off and move ahead. When you dust away all the dirt (of the past) that has accumulated inside you, then you will simply start shining. You become much stronger, your consciousness blossoms, and happiness starts to flow. Then you can say that you are alive. This is what life really is.

Now you might ask, ‘Can I remain happy the entire 24 hours of the day?’
If not for 24 hours, at least you can be happy for one or two hours! You may not be able to be a fish always floating in water (happiness), but at least you can take a shower for a little while. This is the very purpose of knowledge.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is said, ‘Na hi jnanena sadrusham pavitram iha vidyate. Tat svayam yoga-samsiddhah kalenatmani vindati’. (4.38)
It means: There is no greater purifier than Knowledge.
Everything is temporary. Everything is nothing. All of this is nothing. Just see all people that you see walking around, they are just ragdolls made up of the five elements. They are acting the way they do because of their karmas (actions) and samskaras (impressions). Some are rising in life because of the influence of their stars while some are having downfalls because of the influence of some other stars (referring to astrology).
All of them are moving about here and there doing this and doing that, but one day everything will end. So you just let them do what they are doing. How does it matter to you? You should continue to live happily.
We need to remind ourselves about this again and again. As you move about in society, no matter how many times this dust accumulates on you, simply brush it off and move ahead. Whatever is yours will come to you for sure!

Now knowing this does not mean that you do not put any effort and just sit and do nothing at home. You sit at home and say, ‘Oh Gurudev, please get me married. Please find me a suitable bride or groom for me’, no! You also must make an effort.
If you sit with a sad face, who will marry you! At least smile and be cheerful. That is why I opened a Matrimony department here (laughter). Its progress has been a bit slow though. You all come and get things moving there.

Go and sit in the matrimony office and ask the staff there to find someone for you quickly. Do not be too choosy. Whoever you get just choose them that is it! Everything will be fine afterwards.
Anyway all of this is only going to last for a few days, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. Very soon life will be over. One day we all have to bid farewell to this world. No one is going to last forever. What is the use if you are going to take 60 years to choose your spouse?
A gentleman who was 60 years old came to me said, ‘Gururdev, please find someone for me. Is my soul mate out there somewhere?’

I told him, ‘If you have not found your soul mate after so many years of searching, you will have to wait a little bit longer. Not very long, just another 20 years more. That level of perfection is still not visible in you, and it should be recognized by your soul mate also’ (Laughter). We want to see everything perfect in others but we forget to look at ourselves. We do not reflect on ourselves. Reflect on yourself but then don’t get too entangled into the analysis. Do not overdo it. You have some good qualities and some not so good qualities, it is okay. Just keep moving ahead. Some things are fine, some are not, and it does not matter. You should simply keep moving forward.



看, 當風吹起的時候,有什麼事情會發生?所有東西都跟著一起被吹走了對嗎?一切都隨著微風飛走了。所以任何過去所發生的,不論是好的或是壞的,不論是對的或錯 的,不論是愉快的或是不愉快的,它們都已經發生也已經過去了。就像一陣風來到並把一切吹走,同樣的,生命裡一切事物來來去去。但是最重要的是你不要在任何 地方被卡著,繼續前進。就只是成為空空洞洞,那麼你就會喜悅。 告訴我,這裡有誰是沒有困難的嗎?困難來到每個人的生命裡。有沒有人是沒有經歷過快樂的?每一個人,在某些或其它時候都經歷了快樂。有沒有人沒有被 人讚賞過的?每個人都在某些或其它時候被人讚賞過。就連狗都會得到讚賞!人們說“這是只好狗”。有沒有人是不曾被批評過的?每一個人在某些或其它時候都曾 經被批評過。對不對?每個人都曾被批評。

所以如果有人讚賞你或批評你,要知道它就像是來去自如的空氣。那些都只是一些來了又離開的想法。人們對你的想法在他們的心智裡升起又離開。有些好的想法,有些壞的想法。現 在當人們本身也不會永遠在這裡,你怎能長久的附在他們的想法上呢?當他們本身都不會永遠在這裡,那你打算對他們的意見怎麼做?


一 個人如果每一天只是坐著想到自己而已,那麼他會腐壞。如果你看到這類人的臉,他們看起來是那麼蒼白且充滿憂慮。憂慮掛滿一個只是想著自己的人的臉上。看到 這麼樣的人會讓你想遠離他!也的确有人从他们身边逃走。然后這個人就會想“噢,我做錯了什麼。為什麼人們離我而去?”人們遠離這樣的人因為他們的震波是極 為負面的,就像是發出惡臭般。如果有人發出惡臭,有人會願意呆在他旁邊嗎?不,他們只會逃走!如果你過於想到自己而已,有誰會願意接近你?



在薄伽梵歌裡說道‘Na hi jnanena sadrusham pavitram iha vidyate. Tat svayam yoga-samsiddhah kalenatmani vindati’. (4.38)
意思是:沒有比知識更純淨的了。一切都是暫時性的。這一切都沒什麼。就只是去看見那些在周圍走動的人,他們只是由五元素組成的布娃娃。他們的舉動如此是因為他們的動作(karmas )和印象(samskaras )。有些在生命裡升起是因為行星的影響而有些經歷挫折是因為其他行星的影響(指占星術)。他們都在這裡那裡移動著,做著這些那些,但是有一天一切都會結 束。所以你就只是讓他們去做任何他們所在做的。它對你又有什麼影響?你應該繼續快樂的活著。我們需要一而再的提醒自己。當你在這個社會裡行動,無論這些塵 埃在你身上累積了多少遍,就只是把它掃掉再繼續前進。任何屬於你的都會來到!

現在知道了這一些並不表示你不需要在放進任何的努力然後就只是無所事事的呆在家裡。你坐在家裡說“噢古儒吉,請讓我結婚。請幫我找個適合的新郎或新 娘”, 不!你還是需要努力。如果你憂愁滿面的坐著,誰會要和你結婚!至少微笑和開朗些。這也是為什麼我開辦聯姻部門(笑)。雖然它的進度有點慢。你們全都可以去 那裡讓它可以運作。你去聯姻部門的辦公室坐一坐,請那裡的職員盡快幫你找個對象。不要太挑剔。不管你得到誰就只是選擇他們!過後一切都會很好。反正無論它 是愉快或不愉快的,這一切也只是幾年而已。很快的生命就會結束了。有一天我們都會向這世界說再見。沒有人會永遠活著。如果你用60年來找一個伴侶又有什麼用?

有個60的男士來見我說“古儒吉請為我找個伴侶。我的靈魂伴侶是不是在外面的某處?”我告訴他“如果你這麼多年來尋尋找找都還是找不到你的靈魂伴 侶,那麼你還需要再等多一陣子。不是很久,就只是多個20年而已。那個完美的層次還不夠明顯,它也應該得被你的靈魂伴侶認清才行”(笑)。我們要在別人身 上看到一切完美,但是我們忘了看看自己。我們沒有反觀自己。反思自己但是不要太過於糾纏在分析裡。不要做的太過度。你有些好的特質和一些不怎麼好的特質, 都沒有關係。就只是繼續前進。有些事情很好,有些不怎麼好,都沒有關係。你就只是繼續前進。

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