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Monday, July 29, 2013

Storms of Emotions 情緒的風暴

Gurudev, when the mind gets stuck in a situation, it does not get out quickly. What does one do for that? Sri Sri: It is okay, the mind is like that only. This is where knowledge is important. Knowledge is like holding on to a life jacket in a storm.
That is why it is called
​ ​
storms of emotions. The ancient people have compared emotions to an ocean; it like an ocean and you need to learn to swim across this ocean. Knowledge is the life jacket. So when you get tired of swimming, just put on the life jacket and you will make it to the shore.
Just imagine, if this knowledge is not with you and you are stuck in a problem, then what condition will you be in? What would you do?
If you had never done any meditation or pranayama, never listened to any knowledge, and you get into a situation where your mind is entangled with some girl or boy, then what would have been going on in your mind? You would have become mad, isn’t it? Be thankful that you at least have this knowledge. Knowledge is what will help you cross over safely.
For example, if somebody insults you, then the knowledge point kicks in, ‘Don’t be a football of others’ opinion’. This comes automatically. From somewhere or the other, a ray of knowledge arises within you to save you, to raise you above the event. Does it happen or not? (Many in the audience speak out in agreement.)
See how it happens for so many people.

(Devotee: Gurudev, just give blessings)
Yes, when have I not given blessings? I always give blessings, but you need to come with a bigger vessel. You come with a small cup and say, ‘Please give me two liters’. You have to make your vessels bigger so that I can give you four liters instead of two liters. You bring such a small vessel that can hold only ten

milliliters, keep aside two liters.
Grace and blessing have their own place, without them nothing works. You will keep getting it. Along with it, we will also have to make our own efforts. We have to increase our capacity to receive.



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