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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art of Raising Children 育儿的艺术

The Art of Raising Children

January 03, 2013

Berlin, Germany

Q: It would be wonderful to have our children grow up happily in this sometimes difficult world. What can we give them besides lots of love when they are still too young for meditation?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Just play with them. Don’t try to be a teacher all the time and start teaching them. In fact learn from them and respect them. And don’t get too serious with kids.
I remember as a child, when my father would come home in the evenings, he would just clap and make us laugh. My mother was very strict but my father would just clap and make everyone laugh before we all went for dinner. Everybody had to sit together and eat. So before that he would just clap and chase everybody around in the house. Everyone had to laugh before we sit for food.
So don’t go on teaching them all the time, just celebrate with them, play with them, sing with them. This is the best thing.
If you always take a stick and say, 'Don’t do this, don’t do that', that is no good.

With kids, I feel you should play with them more and tell them stories sometimes. We used to hear a lot of nice stories when we were kids. Every day one story. It is good to bring up children with values through this way. If you tell them nice interesting stories then they will not glue themselves to the television and sit there all the time.
There are many stories for children; there is Panchatantra. One of our devotees is also making cartoons of the Panchatantra. Soon it will come out.
So it is good for parents to sit with the children and tell them stories that have morals. A story with a moral is good. And that quality time of one hour or half an hour that you spend with your children is good enough.
Also, don’t stifle them sitting with them for five to six hours. Quality time of 45 minutes to one hour is good, and this time should be very interesting. They should look forward to the time to sit with you and listen to stories.
I remember, I had an uncle, who was very fat, fair and had a round face. Every Sunday he would come to our house and tell us stories. We would all sit with him and he would tell us nice stories, and he would leave some suspense towards the end so that the next time we would be very curious to know what happens next.
So we do have such personalities among us. If not, your own kid can go and tell stories to some other kids. Their parents will also be very happy. They will find someone to baby sit, and that can be your service project as well.
So that human touch is needed.
Today children, from the time they wake up in the morning, they sit like a non-participatory witness in front of the television; isn't it?
Children sit in front of the television and go on surfing channels. The mother comes and says, ‘Hey, come for breakfast’, and they just don’t move. Sometimes, mother has to bring their breakfast in front of the television. This type of culture is no good. What do you think? How many of you agree with me?
Not more than one hour of television should be shown to children. You should limit the time for television, otherwise children will have this Attention Deficiency Syndrome. The brain gets so bombarded with all these images, it fails to register anything else and the kids become so dull later on. They cannot attend to anything. Thank God when we were kids we had no television.
How many of you grew up without television? We all grew up without television.
So children growing up with more television don’t seem to be as intelligent. You should limit the television to maximum two hours in a day.
Even for adults, one or two hours is enough, not more. It is too much for adults too. You know, all these nerves in the brain get so taxed with watching too much of television.
Sometimes people compel me to see television saying, 'Gurudev, this is very good.'
I can’t watch more than half an hour to one hour. It really taxes the mind.
I wonder how people watch two to three movies a week. Really we are draining the brain cells I tell you.
Just look at the people who come out of the movie theaters, do they look exuberant, energetic and happy? The way they go into the movie theaters, when they come out, how do they look? However nice the movie has been, they look drained; completely exhausted and dull, isn't it?
If you have not noticed, just stand outside a movie theater. You should watch when the people are going into the theater and when they are coming out. You will see a visible difference.
How many of you have noticed this? Even in you. Any entertainment recreation should energize you, but with watching movies, it doesn't happen that way.
Suppose you go for a live show, it is a little better than that, you don’t feel so exhausted. You go for a live music performance, it doesn't do that much. You do feel exhaustion, but not that much. How many of you notice this?
And when you come to satsang, it is just the opposite. When you come in, you feel different, and when you go out you feel energized.

Q: Do you think that little children should be told scary fairy tales, because there are some German tales which are scary and I've heard people say they shouldn't be told them.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Scary tales should kept in moderation.
Suppose they are not told any scary tales at a young age, then when they grow up and they become aware of them, it will scare them even more. It will make them very weak.
At the same time, if you tell them too many scary things, then they can get obsessed with fear. Both extremes should be avoided. A little bit of scary things can be there but not too much; especially video games.
I feel video games should not be violent. Children shoot in the video screen and think it is just a game, and then in the real life they start shooting people because they don’t find the difference between the virtual world and the real world. This is a problem. So I would prefer that children should not have violent video games.

Q: Are all relationships based on previous karma?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes.
Do you know, sometimes a soul who wants to come into the world, it picks up one man and one woman and then creates such an attraction between them. So these two people come closer, and the moment they have the first child, suddenly all the love disappears between them.
How many of you have seen such a thing happening?
So after the first child, because the soul's job is done, it came to the world, then it does not worry about what the parents do. So suddenly after the first child, the couple loses all the attraction.
Not always, don’t think it is for everybody always. In some cases it happens. Sometimes it happens after the third or fifth child as well. Suddenly they cannot stand each other, because their personalities were artificially brought together by the spirit who wanted to come into the world.
So this is happening, but not always; about 30% you can say, and they definitely end up in divorce because in these cases the two people do not match at all. Nothing matches between them. Suddenly one realizes, ‘Oh, we thought we were soul mates for life and what happened? I am totally different and we can never match each other.'
This thing comes up.
Life is like that, friends become enemies and enemies become friends.
You haven’t done anything good to a person and they have started doing good to you. So friends or enemies, it does not matter. Your life runs by some different laws of karma. That is why, put all your friends and enemies in one basket, because a ten year friendship can turn into enmity, and an enemy can become a great friend to you at any time. It all depends on you and your karma.

Q: What is a good way to accept the death of a beloved?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Time will take its own course. Don’t try to accept or do anything. If the pinch is there, it is there, it will go away.
Time is the biggest healer. As time moves it just takes you further and further. So don’t try to do anything, time will take care of it.
Or wake up and see everybody is going to go one day. They took an earlier flight, you will be taking a later flight. That is all.
So people who have gone already, tell them, 'A few years later I will meet you there.'
Say bye for now. You will see them later at another place.

Q: I have no family, what can I do to feel less alone?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Come on, I’ve given you such a big family, a true family and a family that really cares for you.
Never think you have no family, I am your family. That is why I come here for Christmas and New Year every year. Why should I come otherwise?!

Q: What is the best way to make you happy?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You being happy and making others happy.
You don’t have to try and make me happy, I am anyway happy. But I’ll be more happy if you can help others. Not just by giving them some gifts or throwing them a party, but by giving them knowledge and making them very strong.
If you can bring people into this knowledge, that would be the best thing.
When people listen to Ashtavakra Gita, they say that their lives have been transformed. How many of you experienced this? (Many raise their hands)
When you listen to Ashtavakra Gita, your whole outlook towards life changes.


古儒吉:就只是和他們玩遊戲。 不要一直都像是個老師般的在教他們東西。事實上應該去向他們學習並尊重他們。也不要對他們太認真。我還記得在我小時候,每逢傍晚我的父親回家的時候,他就只是單單拍手逗我笑。我的母親是很嚴格但是我的父親在我們坐下來吃飯之前就只是拍手逗我們笑。所以不要無時無刻都只是在教育他們,就只是和他們一起慶祝,和他們嬉戲,和他們一同歌唱。這是最好的。如果你拿著藤條然後說,“不可以這樣做,不可以那樣做”,這是不好的。

每個星期天他會來我們家說故事給我們聽。我們全都坐在他身上而他會告訴我們很好聽的故事,他会保留些故事的結尾好讓我們好奇下一次的故事會有什麼會發生。所以我們會有這樣的性格。要不然,你的孩子也可以去說故事給別的孩子們聽。他們的父母也會很高興。他們會找到人照顧孩子,這也會是個服務計劃。所以人類的互動是需要的。 現代的孩子,從他們早上睡醒開始,他們就像個沒有參與感的見證人般坐在電視前;不對嗎?孩子們坐在電視前不停的轉換電視台。媽媽來叫他們說“嘿,來吃早餐吧”,而他們卻一動也不動的。有時候,媽媽必須把早餐送到電視機前面。這種文化是不好的。你們覺得呢?你們多少人同意我的說法?不應該讓孩子看超過一個小時的電視。你應該限制看電視的時間,不然孩子就會有這種注意力缺失症(Attention Deficiency Syndrome)。腦袋過度被那些影片轟炸,導致它不能記得其它的事情而孩子在之後就會變得枯燥。他們不能應對任何事情。幸好在我們還小的時候並沒有電視機。你們有多少人是在沒有電視機的環境下長大的?我們都在沒有電視機的環境下長大。所以有電視機的孩子並不見得一樣聰明。你應該限制看電視的時間為最多兩個小時。


古儒吉:是。你知道嗎?有時候一個靈魂要來到這個世界,它會選一個男人和一個女人然後製造了他們之間的吸引力。讓這兩個人靠近彼此,而當他們有了第 一個小孩的那一刻,突然間他們之間的愛就消失了。你們當中有幾個人看過這樣的事情發生?所以在第一個孩子後,因為那個靈魂的工作完成了,所以它不再擔心父母所做的了。所以在第一個小孩誕生後,那對情侶就失去了所有的吸引力。不是所有的時候,不要把它想成是所有人在所有的時候都是這樣。在某些情況下這會發生。有時候它會在第三或是第五個孩子之後。突然間他們就再也忍受不了對方,因為他們的性格是那個靈魂偽造好讓他們兩個在一起並讓它來到這個世界。所以這樣的事情發生,不是全都是這樣;你可以說大慨30%而他們一定會以離婚收場因為在這些事件裡這兩個人完全都不相配。他們之間沒有什麼是相配的。突然間其中一個人發現“噢,我們還以為我們是人生當中的心靈伴侶結果呢?我們是完全不同的而我們一點也不適合對方”。這樣的事情發生。




Two types of compassion 兩種慈悲心

‎|| Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Knowledge Sheets ||

There are two types of compassion. One is the compassion of the wise, one is that of the ignorant.

An ignorant person's compassion is on the fruit of an action whereas a wise person's compassion is towards the non-availability of knowledge. Compassion for suffering shows ignorance. Suffering comes because of karma, and if you believe in karma, where is compassion? One reaps the fruit of one's actions.

If a judge has compassion for all the offenders then the jails will be empty. At the same time, are the judges cruel to the offenders? No; the judges' compassion is for the non-availability of knowledge, not for the suffering of the criminals. It is their karma.

Often people think compassion is an act, an action. Know that compassion is your very nature. Then you will see that karma and compassion are not contradictory but complement each other.

Suppose two people come to a hospital. One is suffering from starvation, the other is ill from overeating. What type of compassion should the doctor have towards each of them? This is a riddle for you to solve!






Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Does Business Have To Do With Spirituality? 企業和靈修的關連性

What Does Business Have To Do With Spirituality?

February 08, 2013

(Below is the transcript of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.You can watch the Live webcast of future satsangs)

Bangalore, India

My dear ones on the dais, and my dear ones in the audience.
Two important instruments were used for all of us to be here today. One is a scissor and the other is a needle. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be wearing the garments that we are wearing today.
A fabric needs to be cut, and then it needs to be sewed; and that is how all the suits, and the pyjamas-kurtas, and everything that we are wearing, exists. In the same way, Business and Spirituality – one cuts and the other joins, and they are both essential.
You can't have a fabric which is simply cut and not sewed. That is of no use. Similarly, you cannot sew something which is not cut.
Sometimes people ask me, ‘What does business have to do with spirituality? Business is all about passion, and spirituality is all about dispassion. They are poles apart’.
Business says, ‘Go aggressively and earn’, and spirituality says, ‘Give up everything that you have’.
Although they appear to be completely opposite to each other, I say, they are complimentary. Like the in-breath and out-breath. When you breathe in, that is passion; but you cannot hold it for too long, you have to breathe out, and that breathing out is dispassion.
In my understanding, for business, you need five ingredients.

1. A Congenial Atmosphere
If you are asked to go and do business in some parts of Kashmir, or go and do business in Afghanistan or Iraq, the first thing you will say is no.
Take for example, Chhattisgarh. Suppose, someone says, 'Put up a factory in Bastar', you would say no. That is because there is no peace there.
When there is no peace, no prosperity comes, and when there is no prosperity, no peace can happen. Peace and prosperity are interlinked . It is because of prosperity that peace comes, (not all the time though), and it is because of peace that prosperity comes.
Out of the 612 districts in this country, 205 districts are affected by Naxalism, and these are the districts that are poverty stricken. Why? Peace is missing. The rest of the districts are very prosperous.
First, you need to bring peace, and then prosperity can follow.
2. Passion to Do Business
Passion needs to be there; the passion to take challenges. Business is always risk-taking. You need energy to take the challenge to do business.
3. Capital and Other Ingredients
You have passion, but if you don't have ingredients, then it would not be possible to go ahead.
4. Skills
You have all the materials you need, the place is congenial, but if you lack the skill, then you can't be successful.
5. Something very abstract called, Luck
Just by one's effort, if one could become very prosperous, then why are there so many people who put effort but don't become prosperous?
If you go to Commercial Street here in Bangalore, you will see that there are some shops which are very prosperous, but the shops next to them are making a loss.
The Chamber of Commerce here would agree with me.
In Chickpet also, one shop is making landslide business and the next shop is going bankrupt.
All the jewelers are in one row, all the garment shops are in one row, even then, one is doing good business and the other is failing. How come? Nobody knows!
This area which we don't know, is what spirituality is all about.
The whole material world, and all that we see, is run by a certain vibrational world which is subtler than what we see. The whole universe runs on vibration.
Many times it happens, you see someone, and you feel like talking to them and doing business with them. You see someone else and for no reason you have an aversion. You don't want to do business with them. Why? It is because you feel something; you say, 'I don't get good vibes'. The universe is run by vibrations; by a subtle world (Sukshma Jagat).
So, spirituality is to do with all these five ingredients.
Spirituality enhances positive energy; it brings out the skills in you. And a few minutes of quietness, of silence, helps you tap into the source of intuition.
Intelligence and intuition, these two faculties are enriched by spirituality.
Again, here, spirituality doesn't mean ‘doing something’, but it is ‘being quiet’. Allowing the mind to settle down; being centered and not taking sides. Going deep within oneself and appreciating the values of life in its totality; honoring life.
Spirituality helps one to enrich intuition and sharpen one's intelligence.
See, when you want to invest, you make a guess, and it is a risk that you take. This is where intuition is important. Intuition is the right thought at the right time, and it is an important component for success in business.
Now intuition comes to you when you balance your passion with dispassion; when you balance your profit with service; when you balance your aggressiveness to get things, with a compassion to give back to the society.
I'm not saying that you should not have the drive to do business aggressively, or that you should be very quiet and soft.
As a salesman, if you say, ‘My product is good, but the products of others are also good’, then that is not going to work!
You can say, ‘My product is the best’, but at the same time, having the compassion, having the ethics of honoring others too, is essential.
Intuition and sharpness of intelligence, sensibility and sensitivity, compassion combined with dispassion and passion, all of this brings such a balance to life that we can keep our smile throughout, whether we gain or lose in business. What is more important is keeping the smile.
If you have had some losses, why do you want to lose your smile also along with it?
If you have lost in the share market, you should at least keep your smile. Otherwise it is a double loss. And then a third loss will also happen, i.e., the loss of your health.

Caring for oneself, caring for one's environment, and caring for the ethics in business is important.
You don't like your subordinates to cheat you, then why would you cheat them?
You don't want your customers or vendors to cheat you, then why would you do that?
When you don't want others to do something to you, then you should not do that to others. This basic thing is the line of ethics, ‘I would not like anyone to cheat me, and so I will not cheat anyone.’
Now, if you ask me, ‘How is it possible to be hundred percent truthful and do business?’
I say, it is possible, and there are many such examples sitting here.
This conference will bring those principles in the limelight that people have practiced. And that will set an example of how ethics in business is possible.
Now, I am not asking you to be Satya Harishchandra.
In our ancient scriptures, there is a certain limit to speaking lies for business people.
It is like this, for a monk, he should not lie at all. For a king, he can lie one percent for the safety and security of the country. For a doctor, he can lie 2%. He can tell a person, ‘Don't worry, I'm here with you’, though he knows that he's going to go away. But for a businessman, it is said, he can lie 3%; not more than 3%.
3% is like salt in the food. You can’t have food in the salt, but a little bit of salt in the food is okay.
Today, the situation has become such that the food is in the salt, rather than salt in the food!
There is a story about Birbal, and I'm sure that many of you would have heard it.
Once Emperor Akbar passed a law, that anyone who tells a lie will be beheaded. He will be sent to the gallows. Hearing this, the whole of Delhi was shaking; like it is shaking today also. I think, it is the history of Delhi to keep shaking.
So, Delhi was shaking. In Chandni Chowk, all the businessmen gathered together and said, ‘We all have to go to the gallows because we always claim that ours is the best product, knowing too well that ours is not so go. So now, this law is suicide for us.’
Then came the turn of all the astrologers. They were even more worried, because they guessed and predicted some things, and if it went wrong, what would they do? So astrologers were all in trouble.
The priests were in trouble, doctors were in trouble, everybody got so worried because this law was simply absurd. Then they said, ‘Birbal, only you can help us'.
So, Birbal went to the King’s palace, and the guards stopped him and asked him, 'Where are you going?'
He said, 'I'm going to the gallows, I am going to be hanged'. This was a lie, because he was the most favored comedian of the palace. Why would the King push him into the gallows?
So he was produced in front of the King and they said, he lied. Now, if he was sent to the gallows, then what he said was true. The King would be blemished for punishing someone who was innocent. And, if he was not punished, the law would become obsolete.
The King was perplexed, he called all the Pundits, the ministers, and then Birbal said, ‘This is what it is! What you speak is not the truth, it is the intention which is the truth'.
So business people can speak just that little bit of lies, otherwise no one can market anything. No business can survive. So these are all codes of conduct in ethics.
Do not do something to others which you don't want others to do to you.
The world is not in fragments. Society cannot be in watertight compartments, and spirituality and ethics are an integral part of a human being.
It is spirituality which develops character, and who does not want people with good character working under them? Business means people, right? You have to work with people. And the people working for you, don't you want them to have integrity, honesty, straightforwardness and skill to deal with situations?
Tough situations come in every business and every organization, and you need skills to handle them. All this comes from our inner space which I call as the Spiritual Space.
So spirituality, business, politics, service activities, all together make life holistic. If any one component is missing, there will be chaos and not bliss.

I also want to bring attention to certain areas in India where business is still untapped.
One of them is tourism. India has so many tourist avenues, so many ancient sites where people would love to visit. But tourism has not been much explored.
The other area is garments. Garments here in India are very unique.
Third would be the food industry. If you travel around India, after every few miles or kilometers, you will find different varieties of food. Once, just out of inquisitiveness, I said, ‘Let's have a vegetarian food festival in India’, and you know, 5600 food items were prepared by people. Seven tons of different type of food, all prepared by volunteers.
We organized this Annam Brahma program in Ahmedabad, and many of the dishes prepared, we had never heard of them before.
If you go to Tripura, they have some 40 to 50 varieties of food items and preparations which are not known to the general public. Similarly here in Karnataka, we have some special dishes, Obbatu, Chutney Pudi, Gojju, Villakai, and people love these.
We have not showcased the food industry as well as we can.
The fourth area is jewelry.
Then we have Ayurvedic Medicine which is 5000 year old; Ayurveda and the herbs, the Shirodhara and Abhinga massages, etc., are all picking.
It is a very beautiful system and you can say that it is the 21st century medicine. Many people appreciate this, and it is catching up very well in spas around the world. But we need to popularize it even more.
Then, we have Yoga, Spirituality and the Knowledge of the Vedanta.
Seventh is the IT industry. India is known for this, today.
It started with IT, and then Yoga and Meditation is also popular around the world.
I was told that in US alone, Yoga is a 27 billion dollar industry.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karnataka, you can do a lot of exploration in these areas. We also here with us today businessmen from Russia, Nepal and so many other countries. It would be good if we can sit together and see how we can bring more prosperity to every part of the world. Not just to you and me, but to everyone.
With these few words I once again congratulate you and may God bless you all.





整個物質世界,和所有我們所看到的,是由某些振波在操作,那個比我們所能看到的更精微的世界。這個宇宙都是震波在運作。很多時候這都在發生,你看到某個人,你會覺得要和他說話並與他們做生意。你看到某些其他的人而沒有任何原因的讓你覺得反感。你不想要和他們做生意。為什麼?因為你感覺到某些東西;你說,“我沒有得到好的震波”。宇宙是以震波在運作;一个微妙的世界(Sukshma Jagat)。


  如果你有些損失,為什麼你要連你的微笑也一同失去?如果你在股市裡虧損了,你也至少要保持你的微笑。不然就是雙重的損失。那麼第三個損失也會發生, 比如,失去你的健康。關心一個人,關心一個人的環境,和關心企業上的道德是重要的。你不喜歡你的部屬欺騙你,那麼你為什麼要欺騙他們呢?你不要你的客戶或供應商欺騙你,那麼你為什麼要那麼做?當你不要別人對你做些什麼事情時,那麼你也不要對別人那麼做。這是道德的最低限,“我不要別人騙我,所以我也不會去欺騙任何人。”

現在,如果你問我,“怎麼可能在生意上一百巴仙的真誠?”我說,這是可能的,這裡有很多這樣的例子。這次的會議會帶焦點給那些已經這樣實行的人們。這些是建立起企業道德的可行列子。現在,我並不是叫你成為Satya Harishchandra(聖人的名字)。在古老的經文裡,說謊的生意人是有一定的極限的。是這樣的,對於一位出家人,他是完全不可以說謊的。對於一位國王,為了國家的安危,他可以說一巴仙的謊話。一個醫生,他可以說2%的謊話。他可以告訴一個人,“別擔心,我會在這裡和你在一起”,雖然他知道這個人就將要離世了。但是一個生意人,據說,他可以說3%的謊言;不多過3%。3%就像是食物裡的鹽。你不能吃放置在鹽裡面的食物,但是在食物裡的放少許的鹽是可以的。 今天,情況已經變成食物是在放置在鹽裡面,而不是鹽放入食物裡!
有個關於Birbal的故事,我相信很多人都聽過了。有一次阿克巴大帝下了一個指令,任何撒謊的人都將被斩首。他将被送上绞刑。聽到這件事,整個新德里都在晃動;就像今天那樣。我想,新德里的歷史都在不断的晃动。所以,新德里在晃動。在 Chandni Chowk,所有的生意人都集合在一起,說到,“我們都將得上绞刑因為我們常常都說我們的產品是最好的,雖然我們知道我們的並沒有那麼好。所以現在,這個法令對我們來說是自殺”。然後輪到星相学家。他們更擔心了,因為他們猜測並預測一些事情,而如果那有出錯,他們能說些什麼?所以星相學家都處在麻煩裡了。祭司們也處在麻煩裡,醫生也處在麻煩裡,每個人都很擔心因為這個法令簡直就是荒谬。然後他們說,“Birbal,只有你能幫助我們”。所以 Birbal就去到國王的宫殿,那些侍衛就阻止他並問他,“你要去哪裡?”他說,“我要上绞刑,我將被絞死”。這是個謊言,因為他是那個地方最受歡迎的喜剧家。國王怎麼會把他推上絞刑呢?所以他被帶到國王面前,他們就說他撒了謊。現在,如果他被送上絞刑,那麼他所說的就是真實的。國王就會沾上懲罰無辜的人的污點。然而,如果他沒有被懲罰,法令就將變會是過時的。国王感到困惑,他集合了所有的學者,部長們,然後Birbal說,“就是這樣了!你所說的並不是真相,它的意圖才是真相。”



第三是飲食業。如果你在印度各地旅遊,幾英里或幾公里處,你就會找到多元化的食物。有一次,只是出于好奇心,我說,“讓我們在印度辦個素食節”,而你知道嗎,人們準備了5600種的食物。七吨不同種類的食物,都是義工們準備的。我們在Ahmedabad辦了這個 Annam Brahma 的節目,人們準備了很多我們都沒有聽說過的佳餚。如果你去Tripura,他們有40至50種種類的食物而它們的烹煮方式是大眾不知道的。相同的在Karnataka這裡,我們有些特別的佳餚,Obbatu, Chutney Pudi, Gojju, Villakai,而人們都很喜愛這些。我們並沒有好好的展現這些食物。

第四個領域是珠寶界。然後我們有已有5000年歷史的阿育吠陀醫療;阿育吠陀和草藥,Shirodhara 和 Abhinga 按摩等,都是摘要。那是很美麗的系統而你也可以說這是21世紀的醫療。很多人都很珍惜這個,而它也在世界各地快速的發展。但是我們還是需要去推廣它。



Friday, March 8, 2013

What Will Be Your Final Act Of Life? 你生命的最後一的動作將會是什麼?

What Will Be Your Final Act Of Life?

January 24, 2013

(Below is the transcript of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.You can watch the Live webcast of future satsangs)

Bangalore, India

Q: Gurudev, it is said that chanting the name of Narayana (Lord Vishnu) in the last moments of our life brings one liberation. Is it true that the last act of life is the strongest in determining our way forward?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, it is true. It is at the time of death that the mind separates from the body. So at this time, whatever impression one bears in the mind become the reason for the next birth. This is a scientific truth.
You can see this for yourself. If you observe, the first thought on your mind when you wake up in the morning will be same thought that you had before you went to sleep.

Now, usually your mind is so consumed with thoughts of something or the other, that at the time of death, you may not even remember to chant Narayana. That is why the ancient people have said, keep remembering God all the time by chanting His name (Narayana). Remember him every night before sleeping; while you take a shower; even while eating your meals, remember him and thank him for the food you receive.
Before starting something new, remember Him to make it an auspicious beginning. The ancient people were very intelligent and they made it a custom.
So, whenever one opens a new shop, the first thing they must do is naam smaran (remember the name of God), and then they start the shop. If one buys something new, they must remember Narayana and then begin.
We all do this, is it not so? We do this even today.
If you are going to write an examination, you think of the Divine and pray that the questions in the examinations are easy, and that you are able to write the answers properly.
Everyone prays, whether kids, adults or old people; all of them pray. But they do it out of fear. I would say, don't do it out of fear, rather to do it out of love; out of a deep sense of gratitude.
When you pray with love and faith that is when you blossom.
What is the difficulty in remembering the Divine before starting any new work? You can chant and remember the Divine by saying anything that you like. You can say Narayana, or Jai Gurudev, or even Om Namah Shivaya. Whatever name you like, say that.
Otherwise you keep singing all sorts of songs in your mind while having bath, or while eating food, like ‘Dafliwaale Dafli Bajao ‘ (O drummer boy, play me the drums!) What else would a drummer boy play for you if not drums? Is this a song?
Now I have not heard any of the recent songs, as I have not gotten the time. But there must be some songs that have come up recently that have no meaning at all.
There is a song called, 'Kolaveri di’ which seems to have become very popular. Many people do not even know the meaning of the song. Do you know what the meaning is? In Tamil, the expression 'Kolaveri di’ means 'I feel like killing someone.'
Is this is a good song, something which means that you feel like killing someone? That is why I say, just do naam smaran. Chant Om Namah Shivaya, or Omkar (Om) mantra. Chant whichever one that you like with a feeling of devotion.
See, I am not putting down any song, if you want to sing, it is okay to sing Kolaveri Di also; no problem. But sometimes a catchy tune like this will keep going on and on in your mind and it will affect you.
It is good that most of the people do not understand the meaning of the song. If they knew the meaning, and sang it along with the meaning then there would have been problems. It is in another language; it is in Tamil.

When you know the meaning of a bhajan and you sing it with a feeling of gratitude and devotion, it has a profound effect on your life.
Every word has a vibration of its own, and when we speak good words, the vibrations from those words have the power to purify the mind, and purify life.
By chanting and speaking positive, both the mind and the body get energized. That is why it is said to do naam smaran.
Do it at least two times in the day. Like I said, in the morning before having the first meal of the day, remember the Divine by chanting his name.

I keep telling everyone that before eating food, chant this mantra, ‘Annadaata Sukhi Bhavah’ (May the provider of my food be blessed with peace and prosperity).
This mean that may the ones who have gives me this food be blessed with peace and happiness. So give this blessing with all your heart.
By chanting this mantra, you pray that the lady of the house who cooked and served you food is blessed with peace and happiness. Also, the merchant who purchased and brought the food grains to your home, may he be blessed, and lastly you bless the farmer who cultivated and grew the crops from which you got your food. So by saying this chant, you bless him as well. This is such a good thing!

Similarly, first thing in the morning, when you wake up say ‘Om Namo Narayana’ or ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.
When something goes wrong, say, 'Hey Ram!'
If someone dies, chant 'Ram Naam Satya Hai' (The name of Lord Rama alone is the ultimate truth).
What is the difficulty in just remembering the name of God? There is no difficulty at all.
When you enter the car, say ‘Om Namo Narayana’, and then sit in the car. Before you get out of the car also, do naam smaran (remember the name of God) and then get out.
In this way, you will make it a habit to do naam smaran, is it not so? So during your last moments, at the time of death, when the Prana (life force) is about to leave your body, then also you will do naam smaran because it will come to you naturally at that time, and this will uplift you in a great way.

Q: Gurudev, I want to know how far I have progressed in my spiritual development. These days I have even stopped running behind your car. Does this mean that I have grown spiritually, or does this mean that my devotion towards you has decreased?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: This only you can know.
Once you have come on this path, you will progress. You will only move forward.
See, do not measure your growth by whether or not you run behind my car. Never do that. How centered have you become? This is what you need to see. The more centered you become, the more you have progressed on the path.
Wherever you are, be there and become still. Bring your mind to the self.

What you need to remember is that there is no lack of devotion in you. Do not even think that you do not have enough devotion. Yes, sometimes devotion may get hidden, but that is only for some time, soon it will come up again.
Feelings cannot always be constant. Our passion also will not be the same all the time. There will be ups and downs.
Feelings are not like stones, they are like water. Just like how ripples arise in water, the same goes for feelings as well. Feelings arise and then they settle down, and then again they rise. This is only natural. That is why love and longing always go together. You sometimes feel intense longing, and sometimes you feel an abundance of love, and then again you experience longing and then intense love. This will keep on happening in life.
Q: Dear Gurudev, you have spoken about the three kinds of devotees. Are there different flavors of masters as well?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, definitely!
History has seen many different types of masters. In fact they are all very unique and everybody is different. There are people with a little more rajasic gun and a little tamasic gun, while some are more satvic.
The other day, I was mentioning, long ago in the early 80s when I was just around 23 or 24, I visited a saint on the outskirts of Delhi. This saint said to me, 'If it is 24 carat gold, you cannot make any ornaments out of it. You have to add some copper or something to it, only then does it become an ornament.'
He said, 'You too have to add something. You cannot be 24 carat gold, otherwise you cannot be useful to everybody.'
I said, 'No Baba, let me be only 24 carat. Whatever happens let it happen.'
He said, 'You can spread very fast. Why don't you learn about Tantra. Learn about some spirits and then you can control some spirits and do some magic.'
I said, 'I do not need to do any of these', I know they do not lead you to the highest.

So there are people who do a little bit of these miracles, but it lasts only for a short period of time. Later on what happens, the spirits from who you take work, they will take toll on you.
All this lasts for a very short span of time, it is not something that stays with you.
That is why, pure satvic knowledge, harmonious knowledge is the best, and it is long lasting. There is no tamo gun or rajo gun in that. The impact is permanent, long lasting, and it takes you to the highest; nothing short of the highest.
This saint was a very nice saint, not that he was bad. He was very nice person. He was in his 70s or so in those days, and he just made a suggestion. When I said no, he really appreciated it, he said, 'Yes, this is good.'
Perhaps he wanted to test me to see if I could be tempted to do something.


Q: When we meet someone for the first time, opinions and judgments are formed naturally. We like someone in the first meeting and we dislike some people for no reason at all. Why is it so Gurudev?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: That is how it is. The world functions on vibrations and we all work on vibration. Some people’s vibrations are more pleasant and you respond to it easily. Some others’ vibrations are a little repulsive.
When you very centered, you will not find anybody with whom you feel a repulsive vibration with, and there will be nobody that can shake you off your center. That is the most desirable state - where there are no cravings and no aversion; no repulsion or no compulsion, or attraction. Then everything looks charming. Everybody is in harmony with you and everything is in harmony with you. That is the inner bliss that is expanded all around you.
Q: Gurudev, you said that the knowledge of sleep brings freedom. What does this mean?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Knowledge of sleep and dreams can take you into a different state of samadhi. It is one of the techniques mentioned in the Yoga Sutras by Rishi Patanjali. Maharishi Patanjali has said the sutra, 'Swapnanidrajnanalambanam va'
This is one of the samadhis that he mentions while describing the different types of samadhis.
If you are aware of how sleep is dawning on the mind, in between the sleep and waking state, there is a spark of total stillness. I am saying only spark of stillness because stillness is so dynamic, so alive. That is what he is talking about.
So if you notice, just before falling asleep, or as soon as you wake up, you are neither fully asleep nor fully awake, in that gap, there is certain peace, a certain quality of consciousness which is so beautiful, so soothing and so healing. That is what is mentioned there.
Q: Gurudev, when longing becomes intense sometimes, it ends up with the feeling of anger or frustration. How to deal with it? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Longing needs to be internalized, you need to go deep into meditation. Or give a creative form to it, write some poems or articles. Writing will help. You know, a lot of great works have come out of longing, whether it is painting, music, drama, literature, all these have come out of deep yearning.
So give your longing a creative direction; or internalize it, go deep in meditation.
Q: Gurudev, it is said that power corrupts. Would you speak about the way one can handle power? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Power corrupts when your intentions are not correct. When your intentions are not right, you try to gain power in a corrupt manner.
Some say, power is poison. I agree with it if you are using it for your selfish reasons. But if you are using power for service, then it is a tool. If your intention is to serve people, power is just a tool.
Q: Gurudev, it is very easy to be grateful when things are going well. How to feel grateful and be aware of your grace when things are not going well?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Remember how in the past tough times have become easier. You sailed through the tough times. That will give you the confidence and instill stronger faith in you.
Q: Gurudev, technology brings comfort, but it also increases pollution. Comfort versus environment, what should be the criteria for development?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Technology need not be always against environment.
Today technology is advancing towards being more and more environment friendly. So we can have technology and still care for the environment, but environment is very important. It is more important.


Q: Gurudev, how to ensure that a person does not take you for granted in a relationship?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Don't worry about it, it is quite natural.
People take you for granted because they think you belong to them already, and so they only attend to people who are guests.
You are a part of the family, why should anybody tell you, 'Have you had coffee? Are you going to eat now?' It is not normal!
If someone asks a little too many questions, then also you will doubt, 'Why are they giving me so much attention. Something must be wrong.' You start doubting.

The other day, one gentleman told me, 'Gurudev, when I attend to my wife, and be a little nicer to her, she starts doubting, she says that there is something wrong and asks me, 'What is the matter? You must have done something wrong. You are not being honest.' If I am normal, then she says that I ignore her. What to do Gurudev?'
So when someone wants to doubt you, in any case, they will start doubting you.
He said, 'It is very hard. If I come half an hour late, she sits on an enquiry commission, 'Where did you go? What time did you leave office? What happened? She will ask me all these questions.'
That is why I say, we need to learn to how to handle our own mind.
It is the mind which plays so many tricks on you. Your mind could be your best friend if it is under your reins, and it is your worst enemy, if you are under the influence of your own mind.
Q: Gurudev, wherever Lord Krishna used to go, there quarrels and fights would begin. But wherever you go, differences comes to an end.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, when people get the news that I am coming to their city or town, that itself creates so many fights between people. One will say, 'Gurudev will travel in my car.' Another will say, 'He will stay at my house.' The third will say, 'He will have food in my place,' And because of all of this, fights start happening.
But after my visit, people do get happy. I ensure I make them happy.
Q: Gurudev, how can I take my marital relationship to the next level, rather than it just being an ordinary relationship of a husband and wife?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Both should move ahead together and support each other.
Sometimes, it may happen that one partner may lose interest in a marital relationship, while the other may still be interested. Then it may seem like things are not working out. This could happen. But even then, you need to support each other. Both should move ahead together.


問:古儒吉,據說在我们生命的最后一刻唱誦那拉亞納(Narayana)(上主比濕奴Lord Vishnu)可以让一个人解脱。我们生命的最后一个动作决定了我们往后的去向,这是真的吗?

在開始任何新的事物前,憶起祂好有個良好的開端。古時候的人很有智慧所以他們把它當成一種風俗習慣。所以,當一個人新店開張時,他們要做的第一件事情是naam smaran (記起神的名字),然後他們才開店。如果有人買新的東西,他們一定要從一開始就憶起Narayana 然後才開始。我們都那麼做,對不對?我們每一天都那麼做。如果你要去考試,你憶起神並祈禱考題會是容易的,好讓你可以順利的寫下答案。大家都有祈禱,無論是小孩,大人或老年人;大家都有祈禱。但是他們是出於恐懼才那麼做。我會說,不要因為恐懼才那麼做,而是出於愛才那麼做;出於深度的感恩。當你以愛和信仰去祈禱,這就是你盛開的時候。
在開始任何新工作之前憶起神性有什麼難呢?你可以唱誦或是說出任何你喜歡的來憶起神性。你可以說Narayana,或是Jai Gurudev,或是Om Namah Shivaya。任何你喜歡的名字,就說那個。否則在你洗澡的時候,或是在吃東西的時候你都在唱任何出現在你腦海的歌曲,如 ‘Dafliwaale Dafli Bajao ‘(噢擊鼓的男孩,為我擊鼓吧!)如果擊鼓的男孩不是在擊鼓那他會是在做什麼?這是一首歌嗎?我最近都沒有在聽些近期的歌曲,因為我沒有那個時間。但是一定有些完全沒有意義的流行歌曲在出現。有首歌叫做‘Kolaveri di’,看起來已經成為非常出名了。很多人都不知道它的意思是什麼。你知道它的意思嗎?在淡米爾文,'Kolaveri di’的意思是“我覺得想殺人”。這是首好歌嗎,它的意思是你想殺人?這就是為什麼我說,就只是念誦神的名字(naam smaran)。唱誦Om Namah Shivaya, 或 Omkar (Om)真言。以奉獻的心去唱誦任何你喜歡的。
看,我並不是偏低任何的歌曲,如果你要唱Kolaveri Di 也沒關係;沒問題。
但是有時候這樣順口的歌曲會在你的腦海裡重覆又重覆而它會影響你。還好很多人並不知道這首歌的意思。如果他們知道它的意思,而帶著它的意思去唱,那麼就會有問題了。它是在另一種語言;在淡米爾文。當你知道知道bhajan (祈禱歌)的意思並帶著感恩和奉獻的心去唱,它對你的生命會產生深遠的影響。每一個字都有它自己的震波,而當我們在說些好的字,那個字的震波有淨化心智和淨化生命的力量。透過唱誦和說正面的話,心智和身體都會得能量。所以為什麼說要念誦神的名字(naam smaran)。每一天至少做兩次。如我所說的,早上在吃一天的第一餐之前,唱誦神的名字以憶起祂。
我不斷的告訴大家在吃東西之前,唱誦這個真言,“Annadaata Sukhi Bhavah”(願提供食物給我的人得到平靜和繁榮的祝福)。意思是願給予我食物的人得到平靜和快樂的祝福。全心全意的去給出這個祝福。透過唱誦這個真言,你祝愿家裡煮飯並供應你食物的女人得到平靜和快樂。另外,買賣糧食並供應食物到你家的供應商,也讓他們得到祝福,而最後是把祝福給予那些耕種的農夫。所以唱誦這個真言,你也給了他們祝福。這是多麼好的一件事!
同樣的,早上醒來的第一件事,當你醒來你說“Om Namo Narayana”或“Om Namah Shivaya”。當有事情出錯了,說“Hey Ram!”如果有人去世了,唱誦“Ram Naam Satya Hai”(上主拉瑪的名字本身就是終極的真理)。只是記得神的名字有什麼難呢?完全都不困難啊。當你進入車子,說“Om Namo Narayana”,然後才坐進車子裡。當你從車子出來也是,念誦神的名字( naam smaran惦記神的名字)然後才出來。這樣一來,你會把 naam smaran當成一種習慣,對嗎?所以在你的最後一刻,在死亡的時候,當Prana(生命的能量)就要離開你的身體,那麼那個時候你也會念誦神的名字(naam smaran)因為那個時候它已經會自然的到來,這將會是提升你的一個絕佳的方式。



古儒吉:是的,那當然!歷史見證了很多種大師。事實上他們都很獨特而每個人是不同的。有些是比較非激性(rajasic gun)和比較惰性tamasic gun)的,而有些是比較悅性(satvic)。 前陣子,我提過,很久以前在80年代當我還是23或24歲的時候,我拜訪了一個在新德里郊區的聖人。這個聖人告訴我,“如果只是24卡拉的金,你是不能用它來做首飾的。你需要加些銅或是其它的,這樣一來它才能被做成首飾。”他說“你也是需要加些什麼。你不能只是做個24卡拉的金,這樣你不能對別人有好處。” 我說“不巴巴(Baba),就讓我只是成為24卡拉的金子。就讓該發生的發生吧。”他說“你會散播得非常快。你何不去學坦陀羅(Tantra)。去學些關於靈魂的東西然後你可以控制一些靈魂和做些魔術。”我說“我不需要做這些。”我知道那些並不會帶你到最高。
所以有些人會一些這樣的奇蹟,但是它只是持續一下子而已。之後會怎麼樣,那些你拿來工作的靈魂,他們會向你徵收費用。這些都只是短暫的,它不會是和你永久在一起的。這就是為什麼,純淨的悅性(satvic)知識,和諧的知識是最好的,而它是源源不絕的。這裡沒有黑暗( tamo gun)或塵埃(rajo gun。它的影響力是永久,持久的,而它帶你到最高;不會比那最高的更低了。這位聖人是很好的聖人,他並不是壞。他是個很好的人。在那個時候他大慨70多歲,而他只是給意見。當我說不,他也很感激,他說“好,這是好的。”也許他要刺探我看我會不會被引誘去做些別的。




古儒吉:睡眠和夢的知識可以帶你去到三摩地的不同狀態。關於這些技巧,智者帕坦伽利(Rishi Patanjali)在瑜伽經(Yoga Sutras)裡有提到。偉大的智者帕坦伽利(Maharishi Patanjali)在經典裡說到“Swapnanidrajnanalambanam va”。 這是他在提到的三摩地的種類裡的其中一個。如果你覺知到睡眠是如何在心智裡出現,在睡眠和清醒狀態之間,有種完全寂靜的火花。我所說的只是寂靜的火花因為寂靜是動態的,很活躍的。這就是他所說的。所以如果你有發現,在進入睡眠之前,或是在你醒來的那一刻,你並不是完全的睡著或是完全的清醒,那那之間,有某種平靜,一定質量的意識它是如此的美麗,如此的舒緩和如此的癒合。這是所提到的。














Maha Shivaratri with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bangalore 與古儒吉的濕婆節——班克羅

Maha Shivaratri with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bangalore

Karnataka, India, 7th Mar 2013 - 11th Mar 2013

Shivaratri means ‘the night of Shiva’ and is observed in honor of Lord Shiva (The meditative aspect of the Universe).

‘Shiva’ reversed is Vashi. Vashi means control. Control is of the mind. Control also means weakness. One is not doing something naturally but exerting pressure. Control is an illusion. Control is a temporary exertion of energy in the mind. That is Vashi. Shiva is opposite. Shiva is the permanent and eternal source of energy, the eternal state of Being, the One without a second.
‘Ratri’ means that which gives rest, takes you into its lap and comfort.  Night is always comforting, all activities have stopped, everything is quiet, peaceful, environment becomes quiet, body gets tired and goes to sleep. Shivaratri is a rest which is so deep! When the mind, intellect and ego rests in the Divine that is the real rest. Ratri has a different meaning actually – that which gives relief from the three types of problems is Ratri.  What are the three things? Shanti, Shanti, Shanti: Peace to the body, to the mind and to the soul - Adhyatmik, Adibhoutik and Adidaivik.  Three types of peace are needed; one is material peace, if there is disturbance around you, you cannot sit and stay peaceful. You need peace in your environment, and you need peace in the body and mind. Third thing is peace in the soul.  You may have peace in the atmosphere, you may enjoy health in the body, to an extent peace in the mind, but if the soul is restless, nothing can comfort.  So that peace is also essential. Only in the presence of all the three types of peace can there be complete peace.  Without one, the other is incomplete. Shivaratri is transcendental, divine consciousness which brings solace to all layers of consciousness.  Resting in the Shiva tatva is Shivaratri.


Shivaratri (湿婆拉蒂/濕婆節)的意思是“湿婆之夜”而它是荣耀上主湿婆(宇宙的静心观)。
Shiva”(湿婆)反过来是“Vashi”(婆湿)。Vashi 的意思是控制。控制心智。控制也意味著弱点。一个人并没有在做自然的事情而是在施加压力。控制只是個幻像。控制是暫時性的去發揮心智裡的能量。這是VashiShiva就相反。Shiva是長久而永恆的能量來源,永恆的存在狀態,唯一而沒有其二的。

Ratri”(拉蒂)的意思是給予休息,把你帶入它的圈圈和舒適裡。晚間總是舒服的,所有的活動都靜止,一切是安靜,平靜的,環境變得很安靜,疲累的身體得以休息。Shivaratri 是很深沉的休息!當心智,理智和小我在神性裡歇息,這就是真正的休息。 Ratri 其實有不同的意思——從三種問題中緩解就是Ratri。那三樣東西是什麼?Shanti, Shanti, Shanti(桑蒂,桑蒂,桑蒂):讓身體,心智和靈魂平靜——Adhyatmik, Adibhoutik Adidaivik(阿蒂達比)。三種平靜是需要的;一種是物質的平靜,如果你的周圍有動亂,你不能平靜的坐著。在環境裡你需要平靜,而在身體和心智裡也需要平靜。第三樣是靈魂的平靜。你也許有平靜的環境,你也許在享受健康的身體,以及在某個程度上心智的平靜,但是如果靈魂是煩躁不安的,是沒有什麼可以安撫它的。所以這個平靜也是必要的。唯有這三樣平靜同時存在才會有完整的平靜。缺一不可。 Shivaratri 是超然的,慰藉各個層面的意識的神性意識。在Shiva tatva(濕婆原則)裡歇息就是Shivaratri。